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by Luisfe

Part 142: Bootes revisited

Let's visit sector butts.
Heheh, butts.

Ops Crew: "I think my sensors picked up a glimpse of Ship 4, but I can't find it. It might be around here somewhere."

Melchom: "You'll do it, won't you? This time, bring me Great Chakra x1."

Sure. Why not. We have one.


That's a pretty good chunk of change.


Did our best yes. Yes.

Hooray a new area is accessible due to a new goddamn secret door thing. Yes. That is always good.

Demon: "It will not be yours! Only she chosen by the light is afforded that right!"

Hooray! It worked! We need to go through this door.

Demon: "May heavenly judgement strik you down for turning your back on the god of light and order!"

Demon: "I fear you have come with combat in your heart, Francis. You should leave at once, if you value your life."

Goin' down.

Hm. There are things here.

Yes. A thing. One thing.

Let's finish exploring this area first. Secure the perimeter.

Or not.

Of course it would not as easy as that. Nope.

Oh. Fuck.

Yes, that is the idea.

Oh. Oh well.

Sure? I mean it's worked well so far.

The truth will what?

One more? Besides the brainwash song?

That was a Might and Magic game wasn't it?

Oh damn.

Well shit. We might've bitten more than we can chew.