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Part 143: Zelenin Falls

Okay we can't deal with Zelenin without healing. And we need this anyways.

Recovery Amp! Though it is a bit pointless due to it being Mediarahan, which is a a party-wide fullheal.

Sleipnir could become a weirdass croc deity. But not yet. No.

Let's face Zelenin.

Boss fight.

I should not have done this. Maybe. Or I should've done it more.

Luster Candy is EXTREMELY useful. Increasing all stats. It is expensive, but usefil

Unfortunately, Zelenin also hits hard, what with being several levels above York.that's where mediarahan comes in.

So basically, Buff yourself, debuff Zelenin, hit her hard, heal yourself. THat's basically it for most of the fight.

The other part is hitting her HARD in her weak element.
Which is Wind.

She has a lot of HP.

So Titania is both the healbot AND the offensive caster. Went through a bunch of MP restorers in this fight.

I don't remember if she dekajas if you put yourself at +4. Better not risk it .

But she DOES have a stat increaser for herself. That is not ideal.

I guess this is useful if you cure the muteness with the MC and have heavy spells. That + charge + something would be quite decent, but wuold it be worth 3 turns?

Eventually, Zelenin also sings THE SINNER'S SONG. Which damages lightly, and has a chance for charm. This is a bad thing.


It CAN really wreck your day.

But most of the time as long as Dis-Charm is available, it is not such a great problem.

Eventually, she goes down.

Sure, why not. It is not megidolaon.

Well now. Damnit. It will be good but not as practical. Or better. I dunno.



And then she blows up.

Oh, convenient!

Well now. Does Mastema also want a can of whoop-ass opened? Because York just dealt with Zelenin quite handily.

Well now.

Well, waiting is also a valid tactic, I suppose, if all you have is time.

Will do.

Back to the base now, since Mastema won't face York just yet.

One nuke. recovered.

Two cosmic eggs acquired. Two to go.