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Part 144: Back to Carina

I really should update more often, but I kiiiind of am hating this particular title.
Also I started playing Diablo 2 and suddenly it was 2 am.

Yeah. 2. Not 3.

Oh! A new armor!

It is terrible though. Not gonna use that.

Spriggan: "Don't worry, as long as I'm here, no intruder's getting through."

Sure. Both of them. Expensive.

Seems Oberon is into it.

Sure sure. Titania's fullheals shall be missed

High Pixie: "Thank you... Without you this village would never have been established. You helped make a home for us... We'll welcome you here anytime."


And of course I forget to check what it is. Next time. I'll take a note for it.

High Pixie: "I've been able to meet a lot of different faeries as a result of this town. It's all thanks to you. I really appreciate it."

Daaaaaaaaaaamn. That is REALLY expensive.

And of course, some fusion.


This seems like a very good combination to me.

"the alders of the forest. It is said that he Erlkonig is the strongest of the alder trees."

"On a scale, and if the heart is heavier than the feather of truth, the heart is given to Ammut to devour, denying the dead of eternal life."

Vivian: "I'm an official part of the village security; I thonk I should get to show off my magic once in a while."

That was a thing, so instead let's just advance and go to the next area.

Strike Team: "That's where Horkos got pried loose from it, right? Maybe something's there."

Strike Team: "I spotted a demon hauling it off somewhere. It was the craziest thing... A wreck that size, just gone in a flash. Oh, of course... He must have been taking it to that Sanctum."

But of course, that's not all that there is to do on this area. There are more things todo, doors to be opened, places to visit.
No teleports.

Things like doors.

Treasures and no Jack's ship.

Goblin: "Now then, with that taken care of, I think it's time I had a little vacation. Oh, and master Cu Chulainn wanted to thank you, so go inside and talk with him. Be seeing you."

Here he is, Cu Chulainn himself. Funny how Setanta and him are more or less palette swaps.

Cu Chulainn: "Though a human, she crossed space and time to see me... What an ingrate I've been! THanks to you, though, I was able to see her, if only for a brief moment. Will you accept this as thanks?"

Hooray! A spear!

Cu Chulainn: "It can cause the utter obliteration of your foes. In fact, it's so powerful that I've come to overrely on it. That's why I'd like you to hold onto it for a while. You should master it in no time, I'm certain. I must be on my way... I've been thinking of returning to the land where Mother resides. I hear it's embroiled in some war or another. And I'd like to do something for Mother, since I couldn't do much for here during her visit."



The Gae Bolg is unfortunately NOT GOOD for us right now. The Holy Knife is better.

So yeah, let's then just go through the Sanctum.

We need to get into B.

And then get through here.

Oh, so we are close! That is convenient.

Useful items.

And a weird door!

As well as a terminal.

Demon: "Come to wreck this place, huh!? Well, you won't get out of here in one piece! Sooner or later, one of us will make you breathe your last!"


Demon: "Hark, cometh a foolish hound. 'Tis the Lord thou serveth, or youn ignorant masses of the Earth? A pity that thou shouldst lose thy will. Thou shalt end thy days in slavery. 'Twill be no salvation for thee: Only Death's cold embrace."

Well that was ominous. Let's just open this secret door.

Hey, a boss thing.

Sure. Whatever. Put up your dukes.

This one doesn't even deserve a video. It went down in like 4 turns.

Really fast. Really easy.

That was a Megido.

And without any fuss, it goes down. Oh well.

Delphinus! Hooray.

Trust? Hm.
We'll see.