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Part 145: Delphinus revisited

New items! Maybe something will be decent.

Keeping my desonberi, this one has curse but goddamn Charm is better than that.

This would be useful if the gun's main attack was fire. It isn't. So it is not useful.

4 more points of defense. Not worth it.

Let's go explore Delphinus again.

Well this is convenient. Really close to the entrance. Hooray!

No tile change though.

Demon: "There is... nothing interesting here, I assure you. It's best you leave before you are struck down by our brethren..."

That's not poison floor. It is a conveyor belt. They are this area's main gimmick.

A bunch of them. It's nothing particularly interesting so far.


Ah, but here. Here we have a SWITCH
what does it do?

It reverses the conveyor belts!

Also, a goddamn teleport. Why.

Let's fuse a couple of things that have given their source already. New things! NEW.

Lesson learned: Do not drink too much sake. Alternatively: Be careful with the god wolf and the tiny bug with the paintbrush.

Two teleports.

Annoying but not that bad.

So now one has to go back and reverse them. Again.

Then raech this.

Demon: "I'd rather not sully myself by speaking with you. "

Aw. Good thing York is not compelled by that piece of "courtesy".

Ah, an elevator. That is a good thing.

And a handy shortcut.

Let's go up!

Shame, no tileset change. Oh well.

Probably. It doesn't matter. Mastema can't do shit.

Of course, secret doors.

And a terminal! Neat.

What the hell.
It is a hive with teeth.