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by Luisfe

Part 147: Horologium

"I really owe you a lot. Let's make it back alive, okay?"

"I wonder how the people of Earth would take it? How would they cahnge? Or... what if nothing changes? I'm overthinking, I just want to finish the mission and go home. What happens to humanity after we get back is up to humanity. Let the world leaders sort it out."

Let's get back to the lab. Goddamnit. That elevator was so convenient.

So goddamn convenient.

"And hey, I heard you got some forma from a tough-lookin' demon. Give it here! "

Hm yes. That.

Excellent! One more!

"Now go get' em, Francis!"

Let's use that to open this.


Seriously. WHY DO YOU DO THIS. What benefit is it to put FUCKING DARK AREAS. That gimmick is done! DONE!



A dove! A berserker and... Uh, you'll see.

This is just padding.


Strike Team: "So we'll need to clear our own path with our powered-up Demonicas! Mem Aleph is the final enemy! Let's keep going 'til it's all over, York!"

Cabracan is a weirdass geographic turtle!

By the way, this is asshole. The one you need to take is the one on the very left. The others are dead ends.

Dead ends. In blind areas.
Jesus christ.
Could be worse though, at least we have a map.

Strike Team: "But y'know what? It doesn't matter. We're not gonna fall here when so many of our comrades sacrificed themselves for us."

That's a ridiculously fast downgrade from boss to regular fodder. Hahah.



Oh goddamnit. Need to grind more!

The left one leads to this one. Not the others.
Fuckin' hell.

Hooray! An elevator!

God DAMN it. Poison floor!

This is not the best situation.

So let's summon someone that can deal with this shit.

And then fuse useless minions. To slightly less useless.

Lots of goddamn poison floor.

AND direct damage floor!

Leading to NOTHING.


Why is this a thing.

OH FUCK ME. Why? We need to find ANOTHER thing to open this! This is bullshit! We should be beyond this!


Atlus. I am hating you.

That portrait looks rather weird!

Fuck it. Enough exploration!