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Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

by Luisfe

Part 149: Fafnir

Goddamn yellow Darkness, I hate it. I hate it.

There is nothing here. It is nothing. There is nothing but an empty room. 3 by 3. Useless.

Something here though!


Corridors, corridors, corridors.


Two empty, featureless dark rooms and then something.

Excellent! A health terminal. At least it is not yellow darkness.

I had to open my goddamn mouth.

Well, a regular terminal. Excellent.

Hey, we got a request related to this thing!


Well not York, but York will get paid for this, so.

Is that an euphemism.

Uuuuh. Does that really have a k?

Aw, he doesn't like the science response. Is it even a he? She? It?

This one is more acceptable.

Hooray! The secret!

Let's be greedy!

That's bullshit.

Defense would be best. For offense, York's got his demons.


Will do. And then capture you and fuse you when you are useless (that'll take a while, level 72!)



Conveyor belts!

This is dull.

Damned conveyor belts!

Well, this is a dead end.

Well. A hole. THat's moderately better than a teleport!

Excellent! An elevator! Well, it's not a NEW shortcut, so let's continue.

Healy terminal.

And actual terminal as well!

That stair looks pretty imposing!