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Part 15: A possible way out.

Terry: "Once the Tokamak is running, we'll open up the output capacity to 100%! Counting down... 10,9,8,7,6,5,4... 3... 2... "

Terry: "Restart succesful! Raising the output capacity..."

Arthur: "This will give us an important advantage in planning our strategy. However, we cannot go airborne without being certain of our next destination."

Well, hopefully that important data is what lead to the meeting and lack of exploration.

"Their AI's last message, huh?"
Arthur: "The data transfer from Verne, the Blue Jet's Command Unit, is complete. The data contains a vital clue to escaping from Antlia."

"We can ditch this place!?"
Arthur: "The Blue Jet appears to have managed to enter the Schwarzwelt without Verne powering down. As a result, they succeeded in tracking their course here. Please look at this."

Arthur: "There is an area at the zenith of this sector that is emitting an unknown signal. It appears to be affected by the moon, making it easy to overlook the gravitational field... But according to my calculations, a quantim tunnel has formed at those coordinates. It seems to be a path leading outside local space-time."

Mackie: "Then unless I miss my guess... We can return to Earth anytime we want!"
"Mmm... not quite. We're definitely getting closer to Earth, but ..."

Arthur: "The Blue Jet's escape attempt was unsuccesful. They were unable to penetrate the quantum field blocking entrance to the tunnel. In the current condition of the tunnel, we cannot leave the sector. "

But he was aboard the Blue Jet! Maybe it was an evasive maneuver not broadcast, done by Verne without telling anyone else?
Or is Jimenez thick?

Arthur: "Please look at this."

That there is the structure of the Schwarzwelt. Spheres on top of spheres and whatnot.

Arthur: "It is thought to be constructed of multiple space-time planes layered atop of each other. Sector Antlia is only one of these layers. In order to return to Earth, we would have to traverse multiple layers. "
"It's hard enough to get out of one... And now we're going to have to do it several times over? I think I'm going to be ill..."

Monitor Woman: "There are still too many unknown factors right now. Remember, this whole discussion is moot if we can't even get out of Antlia."
"But... our whole purpose for being here is to figure out the unknown, isn't it? It's not as though we're without any hints. And we can keep looking for more. ... Ah, Arthur, the secondary analysis of the radar contact has come up the same as the first. "

Arthur: "Attention, all hands. We have discovered a potential exit in breaking through the quantum tunnel at Antlia's zenith. "

Arthur: "A new radar contact has been detected within the sector. The location of this contact is below Antlia's surface. It is possible this contact is the result of some sort of material's energy signature... But I must note that there seems to be a connection between this contact and the tunnel."
"It's a very strange phenomenon. They're connected, like opposite magnetic poles. I don't know how that energy signature is affecting the tunnel, but... If nothing else, it'll give us a clue on how to get out of here."
Arthur: "This energy source may be heavily involved with the formation of this sector. It falls to the strike team to investigate it. I am issuing a new official mission, designated "Energy Signature Investigation"."

Of course it is a multi-level dungeon. Of course, it cannot be just one relatively decently sized map, no sir. It has to be an enormous multi-level dungeon. Not a tower, this one, either.

"An energy source that could be controlling this whole sector... It's always something, ain't it, Francis?"

Arthur: "There is another benefit to the Verne unit you brought aboard. I must inform you of this as well."

Well, the computer was not exactly dead at that point. It could no longer command, but it seemed like it was not particularly broken.

Arthur: "We have succesfully unlocked the current program-s hidden function."
"A new function?"

So yeah, no more dealing with cathedrals of shadows or anything of the sort. The Demonica does it all by itself.

Yes. Demon Fusion. Useful, that.

Arthur: "My analysis shows that the Demon Fusion function allows you to fuse two demons to create a new one. It is, as you might put it, technology beyond imagining. It is possible that there is a risk of the Demon Summoning Program losing control... However, it will most likely be an invaluable tool in the field."

Eh, it's not like the program is able to affect humans. It's all about manipulating the demons when they are in data form.

That is a good thing to be worried about, though.

Arthur: "I recommend that you make use of it to overcome the ordeals ahead."

"I gotta say, Francis, this'll be trouble for me. It seems dangerous, but I'm pumped anyway."

There's no much point on selecting the others because honestly, fusing the things is fun and useful. Screw the other two responses!
Still, let's see the responses.

Jimenez approves. And this one is chosen.

I assume that this is a neutral option, or law? Does not matter. It is not the chosen one.

Well it could go berserk and ruin things or make the Demonica get a blue screen of death or something. I mean, is it even a tested application? Just how stable are the damn things anyway?

Everyone does. But this is enough exposition and crap.

Next, more exploring. Maybe.