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by Luisfe

Part 153: Retcon.

Let's get on with it.

Doors, doors doors.

This is VERY obviously a hidden, one way door. Eh.

Of course. Damage field. Why not.

It iw not even necessary! This is pretty annoying, I'd say.

A mirror!

Will it be useful?

Everything? Interesting.

Hm. Did not turn this in. I probably should do that, eventually.

Damnit, this is not a terrible gimmick but it is confusing!

Again, it is a better gimmick than goddamn conveyors and WAY BETTER than teleports.
It could be worse! It could have pitfalls.
But this is not dark souls. Or Wizardry.
It is not THAT evil (and Souls lets you do things to know where and when you can step).


Lilith's unique is interesting. Electricity AND charm? Neat!

This is a mistake. Do not make this mistake. Do not go back. Don't.

Yes. But this is a mistake.

Oh. Neat.


And new damn items! Maybe something neat?


Hell no.

But not until the FUTURE.

This is gonna be retconned.

You all have the song stuck now. Yes.

Did he?

If he did not, it matters not. He ded.

Back to here. Everything is now retconned. Because the way forward is not this.

I thought it was through here.
It was not.

Not here. Definitely.

This is a very useful spell. Very. Particularly in this case.


This is terrible.

It might look like the way forward, but believe me. It is not. Not yet.

What's here?

An elevator! To a place we have been to before!

I hate this.

So, let's retcon this bullshit.

The way forward is through here.

Yes. This is the way forward.
Very. Yes
A hellish tileset.