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by Luisfe

Part 157: Buttons are pressed

Jebus. God damnit. I wasted so much time. And it was optional. I feel like an IDIOT.

Getting back, there were optional encounters.

Kangiten? What. What is this?

And Samael!

This one IS done with the new stuff.

... But it is fucking useless.

The way forward is through here.

God fucking damn it.

I hate myself.

A switch!


God damn it.
I did not need E.
Just god damn D.



And now the fucking bullshit stupid pillars are goddamn gone.


Oh hey, a nice shortcut.

Let's go to the lowest possible one on this. Hopefully things work well!

Absolutely nothing. Useless at the moment!

Mmhm. Let's move on then.

Well now. This IS advancement!

Demon: "You shall pay dearly for your evil choices. Go forth and prepare to be scorched by the flames of Hell..."

Yeah yeah yeah, don't care.

Huh, a GIANT goddamn empty room! Interesting.

But it has a gimmick.
The gimmick is interesting, honestly.

It is the opposite of the dark rooms.

Invisible walls! But it gets mapped. And when you bump them they show up. But I think I did not get the effect on screenshot.

That wasn't too bad!


Two down, one to go

Let's use this thing!

Also, rare status effect. It is poison, but for MP.

Weird zombie alpaca thing?

Is an asshole.

Again, not too bad.


Sure. That's what we are here for!