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Part 164: Gore Encounter

Update 165
Let's continue with this bullshit.

Fusion. I am not gonna bother with weak-ass ones now.

Horologium is a slog.

Yeah, it is Gore.

Yeah, get on with it. Don't have all day.

Yes, now what?

Yes yes, now gimme the power.

I don't think the placenta births things. More like nourishes. But whatever.

Can it.

This time, chaos.

Back to the ship.

Yeah yeah



Did something break? Tags?


Then try.

Debilitate is always useful. ALWAYS.

This is also a neat skill. Better than mediarahan.

Gore reflects gun.

But he is weak against wind.
That is a good thing.

Stones are very useful. Hoarding is useless. Things are there to be consumed when needed.


Probably would be far harder if not at max.

Eventually Gore goes down.

This was a complete surprise. I did not know that ANY boss after SMT1 could be charmed.

Gore just dissipates.


Well, something had to destroy mankind eventually, right.

I did not know that Gore was a load bearing boss.

Killed both Gore AND Arthur?
Load bearing indeed.

Daaaaisy, daaaaaaisy. Etc.

And now Arthur's personality is gone.

Seems like it.

Oh, goody. Another encounter?

Maybe a giggle?