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by Luisfe

Part 165: Mem Aleph

Update 166

Something is happening.

Well, this is new.

Uh, okay. It is not very functional anymore though. I mean, it works, probably, but it is literally trashed.

Oh look, the Delphinus parasite thing.

Yeeeeah that is not really a liberation but a brainwashing, I think.

Gore was already dead. Can it even be said that he was killed again?
I mean, it is acknowledged that he was a walking corpse thing.

Then again York did kill the mothers as well.

Yeeeeah brainwashing.

Eh, in for a penny, in for a pound.

Well now.

Maybe it'll be interesting.

Sounds doable.

They nuts.

The opposite of crawling?

Uhh. Ok?

Dent remains relatively chill.

Does he have another option?

Back to Horologium.

Uneventful so far.

Easy trek down here.

It speaks!

Neat. In the Neutral path, Gore bestows illumination upon York, and in the Chaos path, Mem Aleph empowers him.

Same shape, though.

Ah, so literally no consequences for killing the other mothers? Fair enough.

York is capable, yes.


Can't it? I mean, it was not destroyed in the Neutral path...


Ah, so they will reboot the world with the eggs. They did say that it could be a creative energy source.

Lack of organization will do that.

For a given value of paradise, yes.

Sure why not


Hmm! A bell!

That again. Damnit. Can't have things being easy right.

Let's advance.

At least this should not take much time.