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Part 168: Bye, Mastema

Going back to the beginning. Because that is what happens in Horologium.

Advancement is slow and a pain in the ass.

The map slowly fills up.

He's the superstar. Yes.

It's a pain in the ass, but yes.

Ah damnit.

Damned angels. They will be put in their place.

The main problem is to actually navigate the area. The encounters are secondary.

Ah, so they have no autonomy.


So what is your option, ninja thing?

Ah dangit. This requires another unlocker thing.

This gimmick is silly.

It is still a teleporty area. So I hate it.

SPELLS? What spells. Tell me of such spells.

Hmm! I wonder if they are gonna have to get murdershanked.


Well, York is very resourceful, you know.

Oh hay, its an angel.

Oh shut up, sanctimonious prick.

He mad.

He also masked.

He very very mad

Blah blah blah

One that will be destroyed because york does not mess around.

Oh! So he has been abandoned by god! Hahahah.

Uh. What?

That sounds positively chaotic.

Mastema can't do shit.

Neat skill.

Also very neat!

As always, debilitate is important.

Bleh. York cannot be hurt by most of Mastema's skills.

York blocks that. It is useless.

Rangda gets fucked though.

This is useful in this fight! Particularly since only Mastema is lawful in this encounter.

Does not hit particularly hard though.

Afterwards, I oly autobattled. Really, not much to this particular fight. It killed the other things.

York endured.


Oh hey, it is Luci.


Luci is mocking, clearly.

Pretty indirect, to be fair.

Blah blah blah.


Not even this failed plan?

Cast away everything, eh?

Bye Mastema. See you on Law Route.

Not for long.

A bit of help would've been nice.