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Part 170: End of Chaos

Let's get in.

Jimenez: "I gotta go get my final orders, too. The angels tried to stop us, but looking back... They didn't put up much of a fight, huh?"

Yes. Surprising for her absence, I must say



Dang, that is a fivehead right there.

Mem Aleph: "What you hold in your hands are undoubtedly the four Cosmic Eggs. You have fulfilled your duty."

Are we?

Mem Aleph: "The human soul who gnawed away at the Earth shall be eradicated... And humans shall regain their tue, vibrant selves. On that day, we demons will also reclaim our strong and beautiful forms."

I dunno, the real form of Horkos was not pretty at all.

Oh, so like The Corinthian.

I dunno.

Jimenez: "And we never would have known it if the Schwarzwelt hadn't appeared, huh, Francis?"

Bah, whatever. Wasn't chaos about NOT obeying others?


"Their overwhelming power will remove the cursed ones and change the face of the Earth. It will become a place worthy of the beautiful ancient gods... But to complete that missions... The gate to Earth must be opened for their power to be sent forth."

Oh fucking hell.

That is not an orb!
Why can't it end here instead of, well, you know.

Yes. The last one.

It can't. Probably.

About time.

Sure, whatever. Let's get this over with.

Ok. Sure. Let's see that.

So, she disappears and lets York and Jimenez to actually do the dirty job. Eh.

So, she was part of them? Eh.

Sure, that should finish this.

Yeah, whatever. Let's get this over with.

Sure. Let's get back.

Goin' forward.

I fucking hate Eridanus.

Let's get continuing and finish this.

This is the last part. Yes. Here is the TOP.


Uh. So, not hell?
Purgatory maybe?

Oh boy.

Because yes.

Because no.


Oh whatever. Shut up and die.

Shut up, you too.

It's gonna be Zelenin.

Le'ts see what this does.

Oh boy, that attack is pretty rough.

Of course, stat manipulation is the key.

No point in keeping items. This is the last fight.

What else can be said?

Susano hits rather hard.


It needs one to null both Expel and Death.
In this attempt, York had the armor that was STRONG against Death
You need full nullification.

So let's try again.

No need to save anything. Spluuuurge.

Just attack everything.

Fuuuuuck you, Zelenin. Now that does NOTHING.

Well, it killed Rangda, but who cares.

This can Charm. It is annoying.

Annoying. Very. Very annoying.

But in the end it is useless. Zelenin falls.


Isn't that literally the thing with Law in this one.

I dunno, she was larger.

Uh, okay.

Did we? That was too long ago. I do not even remember the start of this thing anymore.

Wouldn't that be deadly to York.

Pulsing. I dunno if I like that word.

Sure, why not. What is the worst that could happen?

It needs an aspirin/

Cutscene time!

Well, York took off the helmet.


Stuff is happening.

Oh my.

And all the world is red.

That's not Mars.

Yeah, that was fast.

Yes. Nature has rules.

That does not sound good.



Maybe this was not the best of ideas.

Uh, sure.

So, are those corpses, or are those people fighting.
I cannot tell.


So, a world of Conans?

It sure felt longer.

But this is not completely done yet.
Not yet.