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Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

by Luisfe

Part 180: Jimenez is gone.

Let's continue. ADVANCING is good.

More doors. I do not enjoy this area. It is teleporty.

We already know how to handle it though. So it is not a big deal.

Yes. This is the way back.

Yes. That is obvious.

I still like the look of this area.

Oh! Who could it be?

Weak body, strong tech.
I guess strong faith in the lord as well, eh.

Oh blow it out of your ass. You are going down.

That's a neat character design though.

Yeah whatever. You are going down.

Yeah whatever.

Yeah whatever. Shut up and put up a fight.

Sure they are. Those claws are not goinna do SHIT.

And they don't. This was practically autobattle. Not even worth capturing.



She won't do shit either.

And he is gone.

It was nothing.

It was nothing.

Did you.

Yes. Let's hurry.