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Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

by Luisfe

Part 181: Penultimate

Let's advance. There are things to see, places to be. Things to do.

Better than poison floor, less annoying.

Useless, honestly.

Just padding. No way to get here without that. So why put it.
It adds nothing.

Also useless.

This one is nearly pointless. It can be bypassed.

This lowers all the magma pillars, allowing one to actually move ahead.

Yes. Like that.

Shortcut. Will not make much use of it in the future.

I think I preferred his Chaos version.

Useless, as mentioned.

Will not make much use of it either.

Finally changing the sword though. Let's see.

Moving on.

See? That closed door was pointless. Completely pointless.

Yeah yeah yeah whatever.

This part is very annoying.


One more of these things going down.

Let's get the other ones down.

Yeah, like this.

Yes, like this.

This is nearly over.


Yeah yeah whatever

Mem Aleph is going down.

So close. So very, very close.

I can taste it.