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Part 19: York fails to hit on an Angel

First things first, let us see what this "password" thingamajig is all about.

The password was set.

And it was wrong, but this one is right.

And thus it is set. Let's see what was provided.

Oooh, a Slime! Useful. Good fusion fodder. Good set of skills.

And then we have to pay to summon it, as a regular compendium entry.

It seems that the Slime is a Kabbalistic entity this time

Let's fuse it with Hua Po. The Goblin might be a good choice.

Though it can be fused with Koppa Tengu for a Sandman. Eh, I think I would rather have the Goblin.

And of course, York has a new gun now. It can shoot lightning. That'll be useful, as it will be seen in the near future.

Also, more and more sources.

Let's see what is down coming this way.

Oh, no biggie. Just a Strike Team member taking a nap.

Well, shit.
Anyways, nothing we can do about it at the moment, let's let him lie there, York only carries corpses when accompanied by someone else, it seems.

And a first class II forma. We'll see what that can make later.

Down there it is still a wartorn field. Must be pretty high in the caves to allow for those airplanes. Unless again, those are just illusions.

Poltergeist: "No thanks. I'm a Dark demon, after all. Everyone knows you can't talk to Dark demons."

And he is an asshole.

That clearly led to nowhere in particular, so let's go down this other way, being near a save terminal must indicate that there IS something of interest in this particular side.

And so there is. No corpse on that fork, anyways.

Chickenghost provides yet another thing.

And Hua Po does as well, so they can be safely made fusion fodder.

Oh my, a fork in the road. We'll see where they both lead, but first, NEW CONVERSATIONS.

Angel: "When I catch sight of the full moon, my heart is bound in some inexplicable, profound emotion..."

Angel: "I find myself in agreement."

Goddamn worthless.

Well, shit.
It's miniboss time!
Also on Viddler

Demon: "When the time comes, we'll storm the earth and massacre the humans!"

And after that rather brief conversation, he attacks. It's not a particularly easy fight, but considering York's new gun, it is actually easier than the very first Oni encounter.

Hell yes, Electric Shock. Onis are weak against electricity. I guess it's due to their iron clubs, but I am not sure. In any case, the Oni is screwed now.

Though, they can still beat the shit out of someone.

But in the mean time, hitting the Oni in his weak spot is satisfying.

Slime levels up a couple of times, and then it changes the ice spell for something slightly less useful for coop attacks, but it doesn't matter.

Slime's source is appreciated, though.

And then it dies. Thankfully.

Strike Team: "The demons are getting stronger... Plus, it seems like some of them are working together. We can't let our guard down. Oh yeah... I found some forma lying around. You can have a few. "

Strike Team: "Listen, if it gets too much for you, go back to Irving and have him tune up your equipment. That's what the forma are there for... Might as well use 'em. "

Well that was rather succesful. Even if a demon died.

Archangel: "Hm... Well, what's the harm in having a little chat? Though to be perfectly honest, I don't expect that we'll get on very well... Hrmmm... I've had the strangest feeling ever since you and I met."

Archangel: "Mmm... I'll grant that the old nerves have been singing ever since I came to this world. Thanks for that. I feel much calmer now. Humans don't seem to have ceased quarreling amonsts each other since days of old. Even now, when they would be best served acting as one, some of them refuse to abandon their conflicts."

Seems like the options there are law, chaos and neutral. Logically, the Archangel would like the lawful option.

Archangel: "I'd hope a day will come when everyone could get on with one another as equals. Ah, so you wish to negotiate with me. Very well!"

Unfortunately, it is slightly higher level than York, so item it is.

So... It ripped its own wings off? What? That must not have been pleasant.

And after a bunch of grinding, it is FUSION TIME. Once again.

Goblin: "Name's Fairy Goblin. Nice meetin' ya."

Maybe if the Slime had been not allowed to change Bufu to Heat Wave, then he Goblin would probably have a decent spell. Instead of just physical skills. Oh well. And Tarukaja, as well. Eh.

Sandman: "Only good manners for me to introduce myself, eh? My name's Sandman. You'll know me by my big sack. Say, sonny, can you do me a favor? Hm... I've heard my share about humans, but you're a friendly one. All righty, let's get right down to business. It's like I told ya before, this here bag is us Sandmen's signature. It's more important than you can prob'ly imagine, sonny. Me, I you can never be too careful, so I carry a buncha spares. But ya se... A pal o'mine got a hole in his bag... I let him borrow my spare for now. But it doesn't like that son of a gun plans to return it... I'm not keen on reminding him, and anyway I don't know where he's got to. "

Note: That means "find him in a random encounter". In my first playthrough I meant that meant "find another map-standing Sandman".

And then, if you talk to him without the bag, he has this to say.

Sandman: "Fate and karma are all tangled up in this world. If ya see a Sandman and talk to him... Odds are that'll be the Sandman I lent my bag to. Don't look for a giftwrapped solution, sonny. You get out what you put in."

And yet another new one, Angel! And not in a full moon this time! Let's see what it's got to say.

Angel: "Oh, I'll play along. But I expect that you'll not let me down. I'll get to the heart of things and ask your first impression of me. Hm... How best to ask...?"

Well shit, none of the options looks pleasant. Hell it does NOT like any of the options. I checked.

Angel: "Harumph! You'll soon emit a stronger and more pungent odor than a durian's!"

Yes, it is! A tomato is DEFINITELY a fruit.

Gallagher fan, it seems.
And it attacks. In the next turn the other angel is approached, maybe it didn't hear the previous conversation. Or not get insulted by being compared to a tomato.

Angel: "It's all well and good to meet a human, but quite another to have him engage you in conversation."

Angel: "Are you being modest or did you genuinely want to have a chat with me? Ahahah... Well, why didn't you say so in the first place? Now you have my full attention..."

Angel: "I do not shy from battle, as you can see, and I have no intentions of losing to a man. "

Smooth, York. Smooth. (Note, none of the options pleased the angel).

And of course, battle ensues. Oh well. No angelic companions for York yet.

Next: going back to the ship AND then going through that door there.

And hopefully recruiting more goddamn creatures.