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Part 20: Goddamn Onis

Let's see what the Goblin's pokedex entry has to say.

"They try to drag those who can see them to their homes. They are also often used as familiars."

This looks like a good upgrade, gun-using enemies are not THAT common, and being strong against fire would be a good idea.

But of course, it cannot be afforded at the moment. Could sell something, but eh, that'll be acquired in the NEXT update. Not really all that needed now.
Interesting that it requires an Oni to be killed to be made. Will be useful later.

And of course, the weapon that uses Antlite II requires shit we don't have access to.

Prices for items that we currently have, life stones are worthless, even if they are useful. Getting rid of the revival bead would be a bad idea. nOTE THAT there I could've acquired the new armor, but I forgot. So eh.

"Especially the one below here.... It looks like they dug through the past--it's like a World War. Whoever made this place has some rotten taste."

"It was on whether or not the footage from the probes was real... Heheh... now I HAVE to get back to the surface alive."

Not such a bad amount for a bet.

"At the time I disregarded it as a signal error. I didn't believe it myself...But now... It's hard not t obelieve what's right in front of our eyes."

"Arthur's okayed it, so I doubt it carries a virus or anything, but I'll keep up my own analysis. Who knows? Maybe we'll learn something useful about Demon Fusion... If I find anything, I'll let you know."

"Actually, during med school, I once saw a documentary on doctors during the Great War... The record was so devastating that it wouldn't be a stretch to call it a blemish on human history... I don't... Really care to remember it."

"Hopefully there'll be a situation in the future where I can be of more use..."

Let's see if Irving or maybe Chen have something new to say about the new area. I mean, everyone else has, commenting on how the battlefield is so strange and horrible, and how the probes were not lying. That means we have what seems to be a shopping mall sector SOMEWHERE in the future.

"Is it some kinda forma, or... somethin' else entirely? Well... guess it-s you guys- job to go check it out. Good luck out there, pardner."

He gives no fucks. No sir. He CARES about materials, new shit to do science with. Yeah. Materials. Gear. He is pretty focused on that isn't he?

"Why do you think it isn't modeled after a more recent war? Why something so long ago? Well... I guess there's no sense trying to apply rhyme or reason to a place like this. Let's concentrate on tracking down that energy signature for now."

Well, if it's biplanes, then it is modeled on World War 1, isn't it? Then that means that it will have horrible, horrible gas /chemical weapons somewhere? It's not like first person dungeon crawlers don't have damaging effect tiles seriously someone talk me out of doing Eridanus. Why must Eridanus exist in the game. Why.

After that productive, yet not as completely useful as it could've been (seriously, I could've gotten that armor), it is time to finally advance. What lies beyond this portal?

WHY, MORE BATTLEFIELD, JUST WHAT I WANTED! Let's continue exploring.

And oh boy! ANOTHER miniboss Oni! No video since, well, it is basically the same.

Oni: "I can see why it's so hard for you guys to resist.That's it... I'm gonna kill you and reap the bliss!"

This time the Oni is accompanied by a Melchom. Not that much of a problem, really. Let's see what they can do.

After a rather uneventful battle, not much, clearly. Slime and Tengu leveled up, which is always a good thing. York still has a ways to go to get to level 9 and be able to summon/handle new beasties.

And a useless skill became a rather USEFUL one! Mabufu! Too bad slime's magic stat is shit.

New source as well.

Believe it. Hell yes.

It lead to a donut. With somehting to the south.

Well, it seems that this thing is a Dark demon. That sucks.

Let's punish it with poisongun. It is weak to gun. Poison is just extra.

New stone. That will be useful for when there is a particularly strong thing that is weak against Ice, I guess.


oNI: "But even if you understand each other... in the end, only one can remain. Now, show me what kind of man you are."

Now the Oni is accompanied by a bunch of low level creatures, two pixies and a kaso.
Too bad they are QUITE DANGEROUS.

The only thing weak against Mabufu is the kaso. Also, Slime's magic is bullshit. IT DOESN'T DO SHIT. Literally, only about 8 hp worth per cast for every enemy. Still, better than nothing since every little bit helps.

See? That is a shit cast. Damn you, SLIME, You dissappoint me.

Eventually, the Oni is the first thing to fall, since York was hitting him hard with ELECTRIC GUNBULLETS.

With some time, York and his merry menagerie manage murderously to destroy all of the dastardly enemies, except for one pixie. Afterwards, it was just a question of pressing y, or x, or whatever the "top" button is (I always forget the proper layout) for it to go into auto mode. That finished up that pixie nicely.
Good thing that the pixies did not use Dia on the Oni. That could've been problematic.

AND A BEAD WAS DROPPED. That means that it can be used to finish the Pixie's quest. Otherwise, it is a fullheal.

Success. The Onis is no more.

And there are one-way doors here.

Since York is now level 8, the Archangel can be recruited

Archangel: "I am Divine Archangel. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, sir."

Silly that the Archangel was recruited before the plain old Angel. Silly, isn't it?

Not many skills, the lowest Expel spell, and a physical attack. Could be better.

And fusing the Archangel leads to Melchom. Probably better than recruiting one as well.

And a Sandman!

A sandman that shall have Mabufu with the Knicker source. Even if their magic is pretty bullshit as well.

Speaking of that, not a single sandman encounter since getting the mission. That is pretty bad.

Sandman: "I'm night Sandman. Nice to meet you, sonny."

But, I messed up. This is not the skillset I wanted!

There it goes!

That's way better.

But it can't be summoned!
Damnation. That'll have to wait.

Well, yes, that is why I was excited about thefirst bead drop.

Pixie: "Humans aren't all bad, huh?Oh, this is for you, as thanks!"

A knife? Huh. I wonder what we can do with that (we'll see next update)

Pixie: "Although is anywhere safe around herE?It's kind of a free-for-all... I wish there was somewhere nice and quiet where I could settle down... Oh well. I'll see you later!"

And one single random encounter after that, Goblin became nothing more than fusion fodder.