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Part 22: Morax

See? Magic is the dominant attribute. AND Strength is unfortunately, the least developed one. Shame, maybe the Pixie Knife would bt slightly better if the stat was more developed.

And then we get to the center of the area. And we get anew prompt!

And locked doors! How exciting and novel.

Yeah, hooray. Open.

And money!

On the west side there is another one.

Revival items are always useful.

Strike Team: "That powerful demon reading is coming from here... Alright, let's do this! You ready, Francis? You can use my demon if you need to. Here, let me give you the password."

It's not quite pokemon trading, but password sharing is useful.

Sounds like a plan!

So yeah, he gives a tutorial on passwords. We've been using those for a while now, so there is no need.

And on the northern part of the area, a terminal, and right across it...

A save spot! That makes this a perfect spot for grinding. And that is exactly what will be done in this area.

Hell yes. Now these are pretty much fusion fodder.

And York's armor refuses to get stronger. Doesn't matter.

Archangel and Preta form an Ippon-Datara. Looks useful. And is clearly a design that is newer than SMT2. Good.

Archangel and Kaso lead to Holy Heqet, which is DEFINITELY newer than SMT2. And, uh, it has Kermit eyes. That is the best thing.

Heqet shall be made with Knocker. We want Ice here.

Ice ice baby. Yeah.

hEQET: "I'm holy Heqet. I hope we have lots of fun!"

"She might have been derived from the creation myth of Hermopolis, where four frog gods existed before man. She is the wife of Khnum and is thought to be the giver of life."

Relevant wikilink.

But let that not be the case, time shall be turned back to make the Ippon-Datara.

With the Knocker source. We want ICE.

That is a good amount of ice skills, the magic is kind of subpar, but eh, it'll work.

Iam Jaki Ippon-Datara. A meeting is nice.

And then output a password.

Hell yes.

It is pretty expensive, isn't it?

And only a single page for it. Eh. At least it is animated.

Onmoraki and Preta lead to yet another level 10 thing.

That happens to look like a mandrill entered Seth Brundle's teleporter along with Gene Simmons.

And its ass is leaking red.

"But if she does not conceive, she is killed .The child born is a perfectly normal human"


And then it is time fo FINALLY enter this room. hat actually took a while.
Guess what it is.
Also on Viddler

Well, shit. That SEEMS to be a pile of corpses being burnt in the background. That is pretty creepy, all things considered.

And SHIT, A GIANT MINOTAUR OUT OF NOWHERE. Is he giving us the finger, or pontificating?

Morax: "We march toward the human world! And we will not be stopped! Sealed in the depths of the netherworld, our revenge has begun!"

"You see the energy source? ...! What the hell is that!?"

Morax: "Nothing is more efficient at slaying humans than humans themselves! We need only mimic you to slaugher humans on a grand scale! I smell the odor on you... The odor of a human trained to kill! "

On the other hand, humans blaming demons and supernatural creatures for their behavior tend to be pretty nuts.

Morax: "Have you no response? Then we will obliterate your bloodthirsty race... So tell me..."

"I do not know how the hell you got that conclusion from what you were telling, so no. That makes no sense."

Morax: "There is only one way to change humanity... It must be put to death!"

Kind of an extremist, isn't he? Let's beat the shit out of him.

How? Why, with Ice and LOWERING HIS STATS. As with all the other SMT games, buffs and debuffs are incredibly important tools. In this case, loweing his strength will allow for better survival.

Meanwhile, the greatest part of the damage will be done by first casting Ice

Doing a small amount of damage...

And then doing considerably more with the co-op followup. That is why I levelled up so three useful NEUTRAL demons were summoned.
This could be useful here, but better save it for another occasion, we never know when it might be needed.

-2 on strength doesn't quite make Morax as weak as a kitten, but it is indeed very useful.

Eventually, Morax does an attack called Gehenna. It inflicts Fear. What does Fear do? It might cause the summoned beasties to skip a turn, or suddenly return to the COMP. not a good thing, but this case nothing bad happened.

Morax is killed, and everything is GOOD now. Or something.

And we get a special fusion! We'll see that soon.

A single fight, and everyone is fully analyzed. Not a single level up, though.

Voice: "You... beckoned us... "

That does not look like either brass, or a horn. BUt whatever.

And that looks slightly like a donut. Yums, donuts.

Note: Cojones means "balls". As in "testicles."

Arthur: "Return to the Red Sprite with the energy cluster. "

And that will be done in the next update.