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Part 23: Bootes

Back to the ship!

Announcer: "The energy mass you retrieved must be sent to analysis immediately. Proceed directly to the command room. "

Arthur: "Mission "Energy Signature Investigation" is confirmed complete. Crewman York... The energy source you retrieved will likely solve the problem of the quantum tunnel at the zenith."

Yeah, like the Rosetta Stone.

Of course, that means there will be more of these.

Monitor Woman: "The Schwarzwelt has been full of surprises, but this takes the cake! "

Arthur: "For our purposes, the Rosetta's importance is its ability to aid us in entering the quantum tunnel. We have discovered information pertaining to the quantum field blocking our escape. "

"The Blue Jet couldn't break through. What makes you think that's gonna change things?"
Arthur: "The Red Sprite is a foreign object that the quantum field repels. However, by altering our plasma armor-s parameters to synchronize with the quantum field... We should be able to gain access to the tunnel beyond. "

"But we can pass if we coat the plasma armor with some "oil" of our own... And we've got the parameters for that "oil" from the Rosetta."

Here he goes again, jumping the gun on that. Of course it is not going to be that easy.

"We did it, Francis! Hahahaha! In your face, Schwarzwelt!"

Arthur: " Are we nearing the surface? Or are we diving deeper? Without comprehensive knowledge of the Schwarzwelt's layout, it is impossible to judge."

That is not what Arthur said! Just that there is no way to know YET.

Arthur: "I cannot confirm that we are returning to Earth. We may be headed into further danger. But unless we press forward, our chances of escaping will remain scarce... Furthermore, we will be unable to find the truth of the Schwarzwelt, which could be Earth's salvation. Our goal at present... Should be to travel through the quantum tunnel and "plane shift" to the next space-time plane."

That is exactly what Arthur's technobabble said.

"Something tells me it won't be a fun trip, but... Our chances are better than they are sitting here."

"What's got me spooked are the demons we'll probably run into over there. Right, Francis?"

Yeeeah, sure. In any case, Jimenez is antsy to return, but right now there is nothing to do but to advance.

It kind of looks like 3 mint donuts spliced together.

Arthur: "My information regarding the Schwarzwelt is much more complete now than it was before our entry. I can guarantee a journey without any difficulties."

Oh, good. No more "Everything goes to shit as the power is lost due to interference" this time, I hope.

Arthur: "All hands, prepare to plane shift."

Silly FMV


And then the "oil" is applied, activating the plasma armor thing.

There it goes.

And now the sphincter of the wormhole is opened. Or something.

And thus, Antlia is abandoned. Not forever though.

"Landing succesful. The jump to a new sector is complete."

Arthur: "The plane shift was succesful. We should be able to navigate the schwarzwelt freely now."

"Of course, right now we can only go through the tunnel between here and Antlia. Hopefully we can find the next quantum tunnel before long."

"So we're stuck on the local line? Eh, figures."

Note: "Infierno" is "Hell", which is appropriate.

Arthur: "The Schwarzwelt's quantum tunnels are not alike. Each has its own unique properties. We must determine each sector's properties one by one. Our next task is to investigate this sector as well."

"Man, you don't waste time... You got your argument for working us to the bone all set."

Arthur: "Crewman Jimenez. If you wish to return to Earth, this mission is necessary. "

Well, Arthur is an AI, emotionless, or something. Meanwhile, demons seem to be quite emotional. And some of them are outright friendly.

MacCleary: "The atmosphere's pretty close to Sector Antlia's. We thing it'll be possible to explore. We've got the outside environment on visual, but it's proving a little tough to analyze... Well, I'll transmit it to your viewscreen so you can see for yourself."

Uh, that looks like... A carnival? A circus? A fair? Something? It looks strange and colorful, and that door is staring at me, goddamnit.

MacCleary: "If you ask me, it looks like some sort of palace... What is this...? Are there demons in there, too? "

I don't know where the fuck Jimenez lives. But I doubt it looks like that.

Arthur: "It seems the Schwarzwelt contains structures that bear a resemblance to human society. I believe the aesthetic is related to the fact that it is a region where demons appear... But with our current data, any further analysis would be premature."

"That imagery from the drones was the real deal... "

Norris: "But here we are, finding cultures not too far removed from our own... And they're hostile. Humans killing humans... No, demons killing humans... Why does this world exist? I think I'm cracking up..."

"Try to put anything secondary out of your mind and focus on the mission. I'll do the same."

Arthur: "Keep that in mind and remain calm while performing your duties."

"Jesus, Arthur... I need to get the hell out outta here before I get as cold as you."

Bootes is ANOTHER constellation. Not having anything to do with boots.

Arthur: "It will be hazardous, but we will employ observational instruments in this sector. These Reconnaisance Beacons will gather data on this dimension. A certain amount of space is required to launch the beacons. Your task is to find a suitable staging area and launch the reconnaiscance beacons."

New item to be used in the map!

And thus, in the next update, there will be EXPLORATION.

aAbout time.