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Part 24: Bootes initial exploration

Update 24
Continuing on what Arthur said in the previous update

Arthur: "Furthermore, the intelligence we gather will undoubtedly be key to solving the crisis on Earth. You must continue the mission. To those of you on the strike team who are making use of the Demon Summoning Program... The Rosetta Manifold we obtained in Sector Antlia yielded further insights into the program. We were succesful in using it to enhance the Demon Summoning Program's capacity. "

Hell yeah. More space is ALWAYS welcome.

Doubly neat.

Arthur: "I look forward to the succesful completion of your mission."

Bootes is is accesible, one can switch areas freely while on the ship. Any previously accessed sectors can be gone to.

Yup. Like that.

And that. That is, well, it is not WORSE looking than the battlefield. More colorful. But not exactly pleasant either.

"How would you describe it? Creepy? Tacky? Whatever it is, it sucks."

Strike Team A: "Then again, I've known my share of humans who love places like this, too."

"That's right. The only things here are those goddamned demons."

Strike Team C: "It's time we got to it! Begin the mission!"

But first, PASSWORDS!

Nice barbecue hat.

Yeeeah, that is gonna take a while to be useful.

So let's go with Pele.

That explains the barbecue hat, I guess.

Nice, a level 41 fusion. That is also gonna take a while to be useful.

red floor? Oh my, I wonder what THAT does.

Well, who was not expecting that, damage floor.
Pretty annoying since it does add up fast.

And once again, a bunch of unknowns. Let's see what we get.

Another angel! How nice.

Damn it, York. Get more goddamn strength!

This time Feral Claw is to be evolved to something else, hopefully A DECENT skill.

Why yes, Magaru. Useful, even if Jueyuan's magic skill is TERRIBLE.

Also, the Source.

Melchom: "They say humans are a lazy race, but I suppose I have no choice other than to ask... Ah, pardon me for not introducing myself sooner. I am Melchom, the paymaster of Hell. I provide demons with various tasks to complete, but we're short on demons, and I have jobs undone. WOuld you be a gentleman and hear my request? "

That is quite easy, since York is carrying about five of those.

Hell yes.

Melchom: "I expect results."

Immediately afterwards, we can finish this particular one.

See? More than enough.

Two drops into FOUR THOUSAND? Oh my, definitely worth it.

Melchom: "I haven't any work for you at the moment. If you wait a while, I might get new assignments in. I'll ask for your help then."

Time fora couple more explanations on game mechanics. This time, Marin Karin.
Remember how OVERPOWERED it was in SMT1 and 2?
Well, it is rather great in this one as well.

It charms. When an enmy is charmed it will attack itself or its allies, being of great benefit to the party.
That is why the Pixie Knife is worth it. It is rare that the status hits, but every little bit helps.

Some sort of pig thing, and the charmed creature was likely the Leanan Sidhe. Charm is not as abusable as it was in SMT1, where one could get Thor to kill himself with a well used spell.
Or theawesome and still rather damaging charm bullets. Ah, that was just delightful.

More sealed doors.

Strike Team: "Oh, it's you, York. Don't scare me like that... Hm? Ah, it's nothing. I was just checking one of the Demonica's functions... Have you messed around much with the records function?"

Ingame achievements! Yeah. They track many things. They are silly.

Which is unfortunate, I always kind of like the silly new achievement announcements. They are definitely not required, but they are amusing details.

Strike Team: "Man, they got it all figured out. They know us grunts too well..."

That dude cares too much about achievements.

God damn it.

God damn pretas. Fortunately, no Macca Beams have been used so far. I WILL capture that when it happens. Not if, when. Because it will EVENTUALLY happen.

It was a harpy! Harpies are weak against electricity and gun. Thus they won't be too hard to get analyzed, considering York currently has both those types of attack.

big empty room? Yeah, adequate for the current mission.

Arthur: "Your present location is believed to be sufficient for purposes of observation. You may launch the Signal Beacon."

Arthur: "This is Arthur. Beggining the capturing of the beacon's signal. Continue to seartch for suitable ocations for observation."

And another ANNOYING feature.
INVISIBLE doors. So yeah, crab walking can be useful.

And it cannot be opened with the current software.

Locked door. At least it is marked on the map, and automatically at that. Etrian Odyssey gets kind of annoying that way.

The sealed door is not quite as gross as the demon pubes in Shadows of the Damned, but it is not quite pleasant either.

Oh my. The dude with the name that might be a Thing reference is going nuts.

Does York laugh while he is in MISSION mode? No I think not.

"You don't hear anything, do you, Francis? Yeah, nope."
Norris: "Huh? No one's laughing? Well, what was it, then? Someone was laughing like they were having a blast... It wasn't over the radio, it must've been coming from the field..."

"Sheesh, don't start acting up now."

And that's being said about the dude who was getting pretty antsy in the last update.

Sources, and then FUSION TIME.

Azumi would be a good addition, not particularly due to itself, but what it leads to.

Azumi: "I'm Brute Azumi. Nice to meet you, sonny."


And with this source, it shall be INVINCIBLE (not really, but more resilient to things is always good)

Oh hell yes.

Jack Frost: "I'm Fairy Jack Frost! Nice to meet you, ho!"

That is quite creepy. But it is still Jack Frost. No one can hate Jack Frost. No one.

Of course, we want the Source. So let's password him up.

And then summon him! Perfect!

And there it goes!

... Test subject?

I shall assume that Mitra is the head honcho of this area like Morax was in Antlia.

Oh hohoho. Thanks for the tip, Itsumade.

Maybe it is this one!

But first, refreshments.

And then maybe chatting up a bit.