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Part 25: Signal!

Update 25
Well, it's time for more goddamn text dumps! Hooray!

"But it's also a little creepy... They're trying to show us something... I can feel their hostile intent."

"We've learned a few things about Demon Fusion by analyzing the data we receive. You might have heard from another crewman already, but you can ask me anytime if you want to know. You should learn the ins and outs if you want the advantage in battle. "

So yeah, Williams will provide fusion tutorials. If one is ever needed, it will be used.

"But is this a step forward or just starting the battle all over again? Either way... good luck. As long as you're alive, I'll be here to treat your wounds."

"Everyone's out hard, and I'm still stuck here... A wounded soldier. They say I can walk around the ship now too, but as big as it looks, this ship is just too small!"

Wolf is still whining, and Zoe is not very happy about things, but it doesn't matter. Let's head to the lab now.

"I dunno where ya found that, but you better give it here before ya lose it!"

Doesn't look like a horn to me.


"I can't raise too much of a fuss about it, but between you and me, I'm 'bout beside myself. "

"But it follows that if someone is seeking the truth, they have to go deep to find it. So from any angle, I think we're on the right track."

Items! Items! Not getting a new sword, since the Pixie Knife will be possibly useful. If it is ever used. So far most of the damage/use for York is casting electricity with his gun.

Also better, but don't want to use it.

Weakness against electricity, but better defense. Could be worse.

More sub-apps.
Light in Hell increases the odds of enemies begging for mercy, Extra Item does what it says, for conversation, Extra Macca does the same.

And this as well.

Not reusable, unfortunately. Not going to sell it, even if it could help to save for relax spray.

"I feel like they're throwing us one tough mission after another, but I know we can handle it. Oh yeah... You wouldn't happen to have any spare time, would you? Well, I hear stories about other crewmen's troubles and anxieties when we're betting on stuff. Think you could lend a sympathetic ear too? Only when you have time, I mean. After all, everyone really looks up to you. You're probably the second most popular guy after me. I'll introduce you to some of the crew. Talk to me when you feel up to it."

Dent will now provide some subquests. Some sillier than others. Right now he's got a silly minigame.

"Rest is good, but exercising your body and mind is important, too... Right? Hmm... "

Well, let's see what he wants.

"Great! Then let's begin. We're going to play a simple game. It's called "Don't count to 30.""

"In this game, you and I advance a count, back and forth. You can add up to three to the tally, but you always have to add at least one. Whoever reaches 30... loses. Simple, right? You first then."

And here is the trick. Always add so you end up with 4 more on each of your turn. Otherwise, this happens.

And you are screwed, since he will end up counting to 29 and force you to count to 30.
So, do that to him.

there it goes.

"Gahhh! You got me... You win. You know... You're pretty good at this, York. "


"Wow! Getting your help is quite a welcome surprise. Bad timing, though... The crewmen who had requests for you are all gone right now. Come see me again later. Hey, a lot of strike team members just went down to sector Antlia. I heard they're providing backup for the supply team... but man, they were out in force. Whatever they're up against must be pretty tough."

Well, it seems like Blair would like the Pokemon titles.

And now provides tutorials on that as well. Eh.

Back to Bootes!

A harpy talks to York without beeing prompted to it.

Harpy: "For instance... we become doubtful or dissatisfied with our current station in life as well... I must say... your party appears to be a great deal of fun. Do the demons who joined you enjoy themselves as much as it seems?"

Harpy: "Ahahah... Well then, I'll avail myself of your offer. I am Flight Harpy. Use my demonic powers wisely..."

Gotta catch 'em all.

Jack Frost is jovial, since there a member of his same type in the party. That is good.

One wouldn't want to be frozen, right?

>There seems to be enough space here to launch the signal beacon.

Arthut: "Your present location is believed to be sufficient for purposes of observation. You may launch the signal Beacon. "

Arthur: "This is Arthur. Beggining the capturing of the Signal Beacon's signal. This ends the beacon observation. Crewman York, return to the Red Sprite."

"The main mission Bootes Monitor Duty has been completed. "

While returning, York gained a level. Magic is now more than twice as strong as Strength.

"The harpies consisted of three sisters: Aello ("storm"), Ocypete ("swift"), and Calaeno ("dark"). They are cowardly and hate fighting, but they were also spiteful and enjoyed causing trouble. "

Right here is YET ANOTHER silly secret door that cannot be currently opened.


Jack is now fusion fodder, but Jack won't be fusion fodder. It is Jack Frost! So no.

Azumi can go screw himself, though.

Arthur: "The beacons are returning very useful data. We have located this sector's quantum tunnel."

"I would like to begin the search for the tunnel's corresponding rosetta immediately. However..."

Arthur: "First, please listen to this."

A distress signal!

Damn. At least it sounds like there are survivors.

Arthur: "Our analysis suggests it is from a crewman of Ship 3, the Elve. "

Arthur: "The signal was too diffuse to pinpoint its precise location. However, triangulation suggests that it originated in the 2 o'clock direction. It may be difficult, but I ask that you locate the source of the signal. I am issuing a new official mission, designated "Emergency Signal Inquiry"."

Well, no such thing as rest for York and the rest of the team, is there?