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Part 26: Norris goes nuts.

"Do we really have manpower to spare on this shit?"

One would assume "yes" since doing that lead to Jimenez not dying horribly against invisible hellbeasts, and there may be good information on the Elve, if it is recoverable like the other ship was.

Arthur: "We may be able to cooperate with them and find an escape route with our combined forces. I remind you that I am incapable of dictating missions based on personal feelings."

Arthur: "The chances that the one who sent the signal is seill alive are favorable. Let us pool all of our efforts for the rescue mission. I look forward to the successful completion of the mission."

"Of course, we don't know anything yet about their situation. If you're going to help them, better be careful you don't end up in the same boat."

"But let's hold off on celebrating until the rescue operation's over. Those poor guyrs are literally stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea."

Time to advance, then.

Norris: "He's tempting me... Telling me to leave all this behind... "

I'd say that suddenly hearing strange voices counts as something wrong that should be seen by a medic. Yes.

No shit.

And then, advancing a little bit more, there is this little event.

Norris: "It... it looks so fun.. .Everyone at the palace... is smiling... Yeah... I'm gonna go... Hmhmhm..."

He has very clearly gone cuckoo.

Very much so.

Arthur: "He appears to be in a delusional state, given the nature of his last recorded transmission. He must be apprehended on charges of abandonment of his post. I am issuing a new official mission, designated "Search for Norris." Remote identification of crewman Norris's whereabouts will be difficult. You must searth the sector on foot."

"This is the last thing we need! Ah, whatever... Hey Francis, don't you go crazy on me too!"

That is a strange structure. I will assume that that is the "palace". Ominous, and the only possible location Norris could've gone, seems to me. Conveniently, can't get there at the moment.

See? A hidden door.

And on this one, a new rare forma. That'll probably come in handy.

Irving will be pleased.

And also conveniently, a terminal. Will come in handy to return to the base, I guess.

More asshole damage floor. Great.

The triumphant return of ONE-SIDE doors. Asshole doors. Leading to asshole damage floor .Assholeness.

And yet another EX mission. Excellent. Note the one-way door.

Karasu Tengu: "One of the humans they say came to this world to snoop around... "

Karasu Tengu: "Knew it! Can't fool these eyes. But look, you been around, right? I gotta favor to ask, just for you. Will you do it? I mean, there's somethin' in it for you, of course. "

Well, yes. That's what EX missions are for, after all.

Karasu Tengu: "I want you to look for Koppa Tengu. And I'll tell you why. I had him go get me some stuff, and he hasn't come back yet. I'd go look for him myself, but I dunno where he'd go. That's where you come in. You get around, so odds are you'll run into him sometime, right? So there it is. You don't have to find him now, you can look in your spare time for all I care."

Well, we've seen Koppas in Antlia, so if there is something to be done at Antlia, it could easily be done.

Possibly in Antlia!

How funny, yes, Atlus, that is good and enjoyable, one way doors to goddamn damage fields.

This one changed to maragi. REFUSED. Fuckyou , Jack Frost already has Agi. Better to have more variation in case there is something that needs wind. Not like Jueyuan has even decent magic to begin with, but whatever, it remains as magaru, and that's it.

Yeah screw you, Gene Simmons monkey.

That being done, it is time to revisit Irving.

"Hey! That there's a new forma! Hmm... I get the feelin' this is gonna be a juicy one! Sit tight for a sec!"


"I'm gonna need ot borrow yer Demonica for a bit, Francis. "

>York obtained Gate Search A.

"Keep bringin' me them mountains o' forma!"

Excellent, now those can be opened.

Also, a new gun can be made.

3 more strength, and random foes, 1 to two hits. Could be good, but saving for sub-apps.

Let's see whatthis new main app enhancement does.

It reveals the creepy owl doors. Oh well. Nothing too fancy.