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by Luisfe

Part 29: Delays caused by Dark Souls and Robocop.

Well, is it a dog? A lion? Neither? Doesn't matter.

Oh boy. Let's see what there is on the floor now. I guess it is going to be something important..

"Take the long road."

And the background has gone from apparent porn, to... Iron maidens.
Well, that is less pleasing.

Excellent! More sources. That will come in handy when I decide to start fusing again.
It's not like the ones here are particularly valuable sources so far.


Truly no one could ever foreseen this turn of events. Amazing.


That in the middle is an Ubu.

It is also an asshole. Wasn't that one of Sid's toys in Toy Story? Creepy.

Yeah, truly, a shocking developement.

A prize for anyone who can guess what here is!
no prize

Fuck you, bootes.

Could be worse. At least it is a hole. Nothing more.

Let's get rid of excess weight.

What the fuck, that ain't a dragon. No way that is a dragon.

That is not quite draconic either, but at least it is not a proper "dragon" in name. What the hell.

Yeah the full shape is not quite understandable either.

Yeah. Fuck you.

Not getting rid of Jack. At all.

It is a fat goatman! Wait, no, that sounds wrong.

"It is a type of fish and is said to have the attributes of crocodiles, hippopotami, elephants, and Naga. In the Si-yu-ki, a Buddhist record of the western world, a Makara was the size of a mountain and its eyes shone like the sun."

This was a recruit. Also, its very, very ugly.

"With his Rusalka wife, he lives at the bottom of lakes. He catches and eats people who venture near the water. He appears as a merman of frogman but is said to be able to change his shape to human form."

I think I saw him on Witcher. He was ugly as sin there as well.

Demon"The beatings, the torture... and that final monet when I end it... ! Yes! The ecstasy! I can't believe humans have been hogging this pleasure for so long... It's not fair! They thought up so many ways to kill... Us demons are still babies compared to them... "

Well, torture. Yeah. Damn.

Treasure. Excellent, treasure.

And this one is even more useful! TOO BAD it cannot be used on York.

Iron maidens and now shackling and... flogging maybe? These demons are into kinky stuff, but isn't the iron maiden more lethal than that? Eh. I dunno.


Fusion fodder!

But everything needs grinding. Except for the Sudama. But that will have to wait until Vodyanik provides a source. And so on.

Another hole. Leading to yet another hole.

Could be worse, but it is getting pretty tedious.

AND THEN THIS FUCKING HAPPENS. First one so far. Not a good thing to happen. Ever. What it does? It does something terrible. It does no damage, but look at this.

MOTHERFUCKER DIMINISHES MONEY. Terrible! Specially when grinding for some shit.

Now, to cleanse the palate, goddamn achievements. Goddamn, fuck macca beam, seriously.

Yeah. Running away gives achievements.

10 recruits!

Money money money. LOOOOADSA MONEY.
Etceterah. Should play killing floor again.

Just 10? Oh well. Have to get more of these.

Oh fuck you, damage floor.

In the end, it was not through the damage floor. Thanks be given for small favors, maybe. Could've been worse, but it is not ideal.

let's see what is behind the door.

Oh boy.

That does not bode well.

Well, that certainly isn't good. PARTICULARLY for the other "customers".
I guess.

WE MUST KNOW where the voice is coming from.

Voice: "After all, I'm riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight here!"

Oh. Well, shit.

Do they all float there?

Sounds to me like they do.



Well, that saves time finding the stairs. I guess.