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Part 30: Bad situation.

Well, that is... what? Someone encased in carbonite? I don't understand.

Crew: "Better keep a low profile, or there's no telling what they'll do to you..."

Oh my, it is a she, and she gets a portrait! As in, OFFICIAL portrait! That means she is important!

And that we had seen her before.

zelening_A"Is the Red Sprite intact!? Then at least one of our ships can still move! The Elve, unfortunately, was shipwrecked. We were attacked by demons. Before I knew it... I was caught and brought here. I tried sending a distress signal, in the hopes that survivors on the Elve could send help, but... "

Otherwise the mission would not invlve rescuing the hypothetical survivor.

"Still, it was very noble of you, barging into a demon's lair..."

Success? I guess Zelenin's life has been confirmed, but there is no way to return, as both are trapped.

"Oh... How awful! The demons here are monstrous! They've been torturing the other crewmen to death."

To be fair, York has not encountered demonic torturers. Only crazy demon assholes. And unhelpful ones. And aggressive ones. But not torture people.

"You're right. We won't find a way back to Earth without relying on demons... It makes perfect sense, logically. But emotionally, it's... less simple. Anyway, let's put our heads together and think of a way out of our situation. What can we do with what we have?"

So far? Nothing. The door is not unlockable with the current things.

"What else...?"

Conveniently, there is a hidden door!

Excellent! Escape!

Orrr... Not.

Demon: "But I haven't been given the order to experiment on you yet! Wait in your own cell!"

And then he kicks York back to the cell.

Zelenin stays there. But there is something new!

A new event!

That does not sound pleasant.

Could it be Norris inside?

So, he killed the voice inside?

Or... Is getting killed by it?

Or maybe he became the Joker.

"We're at the mercy of the demons. There's nothing we can do to fight back. "

"Me? Use the Demon Summoning Program!? Ridiculous! I could never! You may say I might not need to use it, but it's better to have for an emergency... But I tell you if that emergency happens, I'd sooner die! "

"I'm sory for snapping at you. It's the stress talking. You're right, of course. There's no telling what might happen. All right. I'll take it... In case of emergency. Though I hold out hope that I won't have to use it. "

It seems that this bunch does not instantly slaughter. That is good news, there might be some more survivors that can be saved, unlike what happened with Jimenez.

Well, that was conveniently timed just after Zelenin is given the tool that might allow her to defend herself.

On the other hand, how can she SEE the demons? I was under the impression that the demons were only visible through the program. And Arthur certainly was not near enough to the other ships to distribute it there. Jimenez somehow managed to shoot invisible things well enough to not die while the rest of his crew did. Zelenin seems to be able to detect them. Strange.

Oh my, the door is opened!

Demon: "Hey, new guy! Master Mitra be calling you! Hope ya ready to die!"


Demon: "If ya wanna live to tomorrow, if ya wanna make the pain stop, don't ya think of doin' nothin'! Now walk! Get movin'!"

Well, shit.

Huh, something is detected there.

That must be Mitra.

The decor is once again changed. A slasher movie villain, with an axe AND a sickle?

No way out, though.

Need to confront Mitra now.