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by Luisfe

Part 31: Mitra

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. So let's see what is behind the golden door.

A bunch of hanging... Crucified... People?

Well, screw you, Bifrons. RUDENESS SHALL HAPPEN!

The screen rumbles for a second or two, and then the big honcho himself appears.

Ayup. That is Mitra. Notice the zodiac symbols on his... stone?

"A good omen before our attack... Tell me, human, what is your name?"

Yeah. Being rude.

20 HP damage. Could have been worse, I guess.

"Why don't you give in now and identify yourself?"

Defiance is the only choice! Or not.


But no, York's identity is made clear by someone else. Who did it? No one knows. Maybe Norris? He did advance first.

"...Who was the one that opened his mouth without my leave? It seems he needs to be disciplined further."

Curiosity killed the cat, but it seems that in this case, it killed the crew member.

"Such oddities... You promise love greater than the stars, but when rejected, you curse their name. It is as if fate itself compels you to kill those you love. Simply putting such mysterious creatures to death would be a terrible waste."

So, according to Mitra, the demons come BEFORE man? That seems to be a bit at odds with how they are portrayed elsewhere in the series, being formed by human emotion. Or something. I forget. Does not matter.

"And now you have grown in number succifient to eat the planet into ruin, as though you owned it. What has driven you that far? If you know, I'm very eager to learn."

Let's go with this one. Sounds like it is a passable answer, seems to me like the ability to acquire and transmit knowledge is a good explanation.

"Did you mean intelligence...? Surely not! That power alone cannot eradicate a species so brutally! "

Seems it was not a satisfying answer.

"But at this rate our war will... No. It cannot be stopped any longer. We will change it! It will change! We will rise forth! The world will change... Isn't that so, men!?"

"That is why we extended our protection to the humans. Why were those days lost? The humans, the planet... All belonged to us and us alone!"

"York? Do you fear us, our shape? Because you needn't worry. I can be fearsome when angered, but I am a patient demon by nature. Why, depending on your attitude, I may well recruit you. As I did with these men..."

Well that is more than moderately creepy. Maybe they are all dead?

"I put that question to all of you on board that wondrous ship. "

Uh, clearly not. Maybe he wants to know all.
Does he know what can change the nature of a man?

"Those are the choices. Discuss amongst yourselves and return with your answer. If you join me, realize that you won't be treated badly. In fact..."

Well, that is a better offer than being experimented on
On the other hand, being experimented on probably is part of the deal.

"And remember, return to me when you have an answer!"

Demon: "Ring this when you want to come back here and we'll come for you!"

Oh boy! It is voting time!

What are York's priorities?