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Part 32: Back to the ship

Update 32
All three options shall be shown, but only BOTH shall be shown.

"Indeed? I wonder what you'll do when circumstances force you to choose. Hrmhrmhrm..."

So yeah. No mocking. Not yet anyways.

"Hrmhrmhrmhrm... I assumed you'd say as much."

"Hrmhrmhrmhrm... I'd hoped to hear that answer."

No matter what is chosen, Mitra just dumps you here.

Yeah, sure, whatever.

Strike Team: "You're okay! Where've you been all this time!? When we couldn't raise you on the radio, we all thought you were a goner... Everyone was worried, man! C'mon, let's get back to the Red Sprite."

Let's inform things to the crew, maybe something will happen then!
Let's see what Arthur says.

Arthur: "We must devise a strategy to deal with it and save the captured crewmen. "

"Got yourself into some crazy shit, huh? Be more careful next time. "

Arthur: "We have no choice but to base our strategy on this information. "

Strike Team: "Norris might be there, too... We need to get them out of there!"

Arthur: "However, I cannot list crewmen whose presence is unconfirmed in the official mission objectives. For the time being, the mission objective is to rescue crewmen who have been positively identified."

"I didn't say I blame 'em! It makes perfect sense to me. I mean, if the demons are giving 'em the choice to join up... When you think about it, it's not a bad offer. Could be their big chance to get back to Earth."

So, humans being the minions. I guesS?

"You don't need to tell me the demons aren't on the up and up! But you're in for hell whther you follow them or reject them... There's no right answer here. What are we supposed to do ?"

Arthur: "A more probable outcome is that he will enslave or attack you. There is also a danger to the life of any mediator we send. I have a different plan. We will infiltrate the enemy base. Rash though it seems, their defense has an exploitable weakness."

Strike Team: "Do you think we can make it in?"

Arthur: "They will cause an uprising outside of the palace while the infiltration team sneaks inside. As far as the composition of the infiltration team..."

"We're counting on you, man. You're the nly one for the job. But y'know, you get caught again and you're up shit creek. The diversion, though... Well, hell, we just need to raise a commotion, right?"

Arthur: "I look forward to the succesful completion of your mission."

"What do you think they were trying to find out?"

"Will it work? We'll just have to try it and see."

"But then, modern medicine relies heavily on animal experimentation. So I can't call it totally evil... We've just switched places. You know, humans were always the ones doing it... And now the shoe is on the other foot."

"Tch... This is so frustrating!"

"I wonder... do demons see us the way I see a new forma? Brr! I'll have to whip up some stronger equipment if we want a chance at beatin' these guys..."

"Are they researching the "human" academically, or... Is it something else they're after? The demons might have a more complex scheme than we had first imagined."

And now, time to check what items are available!

A new armor that increases armor value by 6, might be worth checking, even if it is weak against Ice.

A ring that increases attack! And one that increases speed.

Useful usables. And that's it. Still, saving for relax spray AND some fusions.

Nothing new with Dent.

"You've already returned from their lair alive once... With your skill, I'm sure you can pull it off a second time."

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