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by Luisfe

Part 33: The feint

Let's buy this. It is expensive, but it will be worth it. Now conversations won't fail as much.

Of course, it won't be used THIS update.

There is almost no space for things now!

Before continuing, let us visit Antlia. Won't take long.

Hooray, we found the goddamn Tengu.

Tengu: "Can I help you, SIR?"

Tengu: "Oh, him. Yeah, I'm practically his slave. That damn Karasu acts like he's the boss but he doesn't do a damn thing himself. I'm killin' time like this 'cause I can't take it no more. I mean, look at you--he doesn't wanna lift a finger, so he gets a human to go for him! Pathetic! I don't want nothin' to do with that dumb Karasu anymore. Yeah, enough is enough. I'm through with that guy. Here y'go."

Well, at least the thing the Karasu asked is there.

Koppa Tengu: "Sorry about this, man, but could you give it to him? Thanks."

I wonder what is inside? Too bad there is no option to see what it contains.

Neat, in the sahpe of a wine glass. Maybe it can also be used as a glass?

Since that is done, let's go back to Bootes.

Strike Team: "The rest of you, stay here on standby. Once we get to our waypoint, I'll give the signal to begin, and we'll lure the demons out. You can shoot up the place, attack the demon, confuse them with a Luxury Bell, wahtever works. "

"You got a Luxury Bell from Mitra, right? Give it here. It'll be perfect to call the demons."

"Hehehe... I already see the look on their faces."

>The strike force disappeared into the field...

Time passes.

"Locked and loaded, man!"
Strike Team B: "York, as soon as we begin our part of the operation, you get moving! Hurry into Mitra's palace while the demons have their hands full with us!"

Strike Team A: "Operation commences in five... four... three... two... one... Go! Go! Go!"

"Let's do this! C'mon!"

And shooting, plus screming esues.

Of course, going directly to the area required is no fun at all, so let's see what the Karasu's got to say.

Karasu Tengu: "Hey, what's this? Aren't you gonna tell me about... Huh? This box... This is the hting I asked him to get."

Karasu Tengu: "Tch... I always thought he was an obedient follower... Heh... I was just full of myself, I guess. 's all there was to it. Now that I think about it, I don't even know where the dude hangs... How can I call myself a leader if I don't know that?"

Are tengus supposed to be humble or something? I dunno.

Yay, another part to do before the reward is acquired.

Let's see what that information is.

No snooping on the message!

So, no random encounters! Too bad most of the accesible places are already fully explored, hah.

Yeah, no random encounters.

And this elevator does nt work. At all.


More goddamn poisonfloor. I hate it!

Going up! And so on.

Right away there is somehting rather grisly to be seen.

Well, one less to be saved, unfortunate.

Convenient save spot, too bad it can't be used to teleport FROM the base, like the terminals worked in Nocturne. Oh well.

Can't open these doors, unfortunately.

"Thank you for coming back for me... I really need to get out of here. Can you open the door from the outside?"

Nope. York can't. And then there is this. Damn.

Well, shit.

And thus, the goddamn feint was useless.

Well, what else could be done?

Well, goddamn. Once again. That is bullshit.

Not the same cell, at least.

God damn it.