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Part 35: Mastema

Let's continue. We already saw what happened to Norris, that was not very pleasant. Hopefully, Zelenin will have changed less.

Seems she has not been experimented on. That is good.

"No... another comrade..."

Wrong! York did try to save him, and fought back against Norris as well.

"A moment of silence for him..."

"All right, we can't wallow in self-pity forever. We need to find a way out of here. The demons are fickle. If we take too long, we'll be the next test subjects. You found a hidden passage with the Main App once. Do you think it would work again?"

In this case? No. It would not work. There are no secret passages available.

But there is someone here.

Yes? And one would assume that anyone with a demonica would have to be human as well. Eh.

Kind of angry, isn't she?

"No? Then who is this...!?"

Crew: "The demons are gone. I've no need for this ruse anymore. Excuse me."

Well. That is new.

Oh my, an angel! And what an angel!

"However, my powers are limited in this land ruled by evil. "

"All your forms are the same from a human's perspective."
"I leave it to you as to whether or not to believe me. But whatever you think of me, I swear that I am an enemy to the demons. If you have come to fight the demons, I would like to help. "

"I'd like to believe you. Perhaps you could tell us a d few things? What's going on here? What should we do? "

"It is natural that you would be suspicious of me, Zelenin. What you dhould do is escape this place... And what I should do is assist you in this. Let us find an escape route together. I could prove useful."

"Please stay back."

"What are you doing? "

Some sort of energy? Hm.

>Mastema stuck his hand through the floor...!

Suddenly, she cares about a demon/angel/whatever?

"The demon's barrier is weak in places. This is one such spot... "

Even angels put some effort at it, I guess.

Amazing. They modelled the goddamn hole, instead of just telling about it! It would be better if all holes were modeled like that, but eh, can't have everything I guess.

"You should be able to escape. Now, let us be swift!"

"Let's go, York..."

Well, after the angel went through all that effort, I guess it would be rude if York did not take advantage of it.

New area! Newly accessible things! Only not really, it's all about finding yet another hole to fall through.

Blagh. Back to known territory.

Well, convenient!

"The man who wore that suit had it. It belonged to your comrade, and now it is yours. He worked very hard to find this. Please take it..."

Google to the rescue, I guess

"Thank you so much... I'm sorry I thought you were an enemy, after all you've done for us. I... er... I wanted to show my gratitude... But there isn't much we can do..."

"Good and evil are still at war in the spirit world. So long as you recognize that demons are the enemy, I will ever be your ally."

Ayup. Cross shaped.

Oh my. I guess going back instead of forwards kind of ruined what Mastema wanted York to do. Of course.
Ruining another entity's work by fucking up is getting to be York's modus operandi, it seems.