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by Luisfe

Part 36: Succesful rescue!

First, let's see wht happens if we try to get away instead of going back.

Exactly the same thing. Not worth doing.
So yeah, let's see that.

Oh, it is Macabre, our previous doorman thing! Let's see what he wants.

Oh well. He is not quite happy.

Macabre: "I am duty-bound to put you to death!"

He is level 18. Shouldn't be too problematic!

He is more problematic than expected.

Yeah. Level 18.

And hits rather hard, I would say. Can't let that happen.

fully debuffed st helps. Increasing agility also does help, but not as much.

And he has a rather annoying attack that can hit everyone and poison everyone. Clearly was underprepared by not having a bunch of poison cures.

Eventually, he is whittled down enough. Hathor's Media was very useful.

Excellent! A scythe! And since York has levelled up again, that means we can get a bunch of new items.

And joy of joys! Strength! Vitality also appreciated since that will allow York to get hit more often and not die horribly.

Let's see what the change is.

Could be worse, I guess.

Yeah, let's go with it.

And Hathor, the cow goddess gains another one. Hooray. Have no idea what luck does in minions.

And the coast is clear
Actually, there are no random encounters in the place still. Let's go back.

Back upstairs, I mean.

Not one random encounter.

But this still happens. Aw.

Well, shit. We need a way to detect the invisible asshole, I guess.

God damn it.

Then again, with the lack of demonpower, they are too understaffed to have proper maintenance. Everything is still set for the escape.

So just let's get away again.

Back to the ship!

Arthur: "Welcome to the Red Sprite. You have my admiration for enduring your unfortunate inprisonment."

"I'm sure it'll be a pleasure working under you."

Arthur: "But perhaps not now. I haev no wish to overtax you in your weakened state. Still, one questions must be answered: Are there others of your crew who need rescuing?"

"They did pull others from the ship besides me, but oen by one, they were taken away.... "

So she is the only saveable survivor? Damn.

"When the Elve failed during entry, the deck's hatch suddenly opened and the demons poured in. Some of the crew resisted, but... They were killed, and... many were taken... Before I realized it... I found myself here..."

Arthur: "We will treat you as one of our own crew. Once you have recovered, you will join the others in our mission."

"Returning to Earth is important, but we can't lose sight of our original goal... The Schwarzwelt's erosion of the Earth could be intensifying as we speak. "

"Well, I'd sure appreciate it if you could tell us how to get outta this hellhole."

A missing ship, eh? Maybe it will be in better shape than the one in Antlia.

Arthur: "Now then, first Lieutenant Zelenin, please proceed to sickbay to rest. A medical capsule will be waiting for you there."

Success! Norris could not be saved, but of course they ain't gonna waste a character with a portrait that soon, will they?

... Oh. Gore.