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by Luisfe

Part 37: Invisible visibility

Arthur: "During the previous infiltration into the palace, we detected another new energy signature. This is most likely the enercy synchronized with and emitted by the demon Mitra. All indications are that the source of this energy signature is the Rosetta Manifold.."

Mackie: "Just come out and say it... Mitra itself is the Rosetta, so we need to go get him, right?"

"But look, Arthur, how long can we go on like this? You said before there are a few other sectors like this... We just gonna keep doing htis over and over until we make it back to Earth?"

: "This information will point the way toward our escape route. I assure you all that your efforts will not be in vain. But until we have concrete data on the layout of the schwarzwelt, your mission will not end."

Arthur: "Your objective is exremely dangerous. Cooperation with one another will be paramount. You will be assisted by a new system developed by the lab. Please put it to use in your missions from this point on."

Hooray, another thing done because York brought a mcguffin back to the base.


>"Enemy Search is a main app that allows you to find hidden enemies on the field. From now on, nearby demons will be displayed on the automap on the bottom screen. Keep an eye on the automap to find demons lurking in the darkness. "

Hell yeah! Another new tool in York's arsenal.

Unfortunately, that is not quite true. Enemies can still ambush York in random encounters, though now we have a new gameplay mechanic that shall be shown later.

So, time to kill Mitra, I guess.

""Hey, at least we managed to save one life" or "We were only able to save one life"? Damnit... The more I think about it, the less sure I am!"

"Think of the predicament she was in... It was definitely a narrow escape for her."

"She's been through a lot. Her brainwaves are unstable, as are her REM cycles. Not that I blame her... They put her through hell out there."

"I mean... when this ship crashed, I got kidnapped by demons too. I thought that was it for me. When I saw your face, you were like a knight in a shining Demonica. I can't say that she feels the same way I do, though. I mean... she's so experienced. It's probably different for her than for a recruit like me..."

Yeah yeah, let's go to the lab. NO new items to be made, unfortunately.

irving_Av"Go bring me some damn forma! I'm gonna sink everything I got into developement... That's the only way I can get payback!"

"Keep your cuvvesses in mind as you go about your missions, not your failures. That'll help bring you confidence up, which might mean the difference in saving others."

Back to the deck. Dent does not say anything new, so let's just check out what Blair's got to say.

"Besides... grieving won't bring him back. We have our own necks to worry about."

Time to move on, I guess.

And there it is, the red dot there in the middle right is the result of our new main app extension, which happens to be highlighted on the main screen.

Oh my! A new unknown! There are also new unknowns at Antlia. We shall check that later.

There is also a new arena. Hooray, horizon.

Cannot communicate with it.

Both piss it off.

So, nothing to do but beat the shit out of it.

And it is a Chupacabra! Hooray.

Time to get back up.

Optional enemies will appear now!

So that is the goat sucker? Hm.

But human blood is not goat blood!


So, let's deal with this asshole.

Clearly, there is an enemy in that section. No way to reach it from here, though.

Voice: "Nooow... Go ahead... I'll graaan you from behind!"

We are now prepared for mr. Invisible asshole's shenanigans now

Fuck you and the horse you rode on, mister. You are going down and not binding York anymore. EVER AGAIN.

Heeey, it is a Fomorian! A fat asshole goat demon!

Want to bet?

Welll, level 16. That shouldn't take too long.

He is weak against wind. Too bad only Hathor has wind skills. Oh well.


Getting another law dude to do coop things is not a bad idea.

This skill Ippon-Datara has is invaluable, to be honest. It is great, and very useful. Particularly when combined with something that hits multiple times, such as Rampage. With it, Ippon-Datara can easily do 70 or mor damage points every couple of rounds.

Hell yes.

No more invisibleness!