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Part 38: No more invisible doorman.

Update 38
Short one this time. Hopefully another update tomorrow, or on saturday.

Fomorian is gone. We can now advance freely. To see new sights. To tread new ground.

Which happens to look exactly the same, except with a new item there. Let's see it.

Well, that is what switches are for!

>The elevator started moving.

And there are stairs here. But who cares about stairs? Not I! Not when there is a brand new elevator to check!

And that was a hole. Convenient and fast. Maybe.

Let's see what is on that elevator.

Floors five, four, three (current one) and one are accesible from this elevator.

And then, when coming back from floor 1 due to healing, a nonrandom encounter happens! And the only reason the update is short.

A rather hard one, as well. It took a while. Fortunately, the magic of savestates prevented things from getting too ugly, but I had to use the bead chain. And things.
It took a while.

But in the end a goddamn thing that was like 10 levels higher than York was felled. It was weak against electricity, So Vodyanik was the main damage dealer with Mazio and combos. York managed to put marin karin on it a couple of times, and it still killed units from time to time
Not a bad fight, but could've gone better.
UNKNOWNS are extremely dangerous, as they can easily be things like this.

Shit result, as well.

A new floor. Should've probably checked 4 first, but eh.

Strike Team: "Oh, it's you, York. Glad you got the elevator back up and running. I owe you one But there's another elevator here, and it doesn't look like it's on. Is there a switch for this one somewhere too?"

Indeed, it is not usable at the moment, but we shall eventually see it function, I am sure.

Other than that, absolutely nothing of importance is there in the fifth floor at the moment.

But then, back in the fourth...

"Hey, Francis! You hear it, too!? Sounds like someone's taking a beating! Where, though!?"

Seems like Jimenez is not in a rush to see anything happen to anyone like Norris. That wasn't good.

Oh, Jimenez, always rushing into things.