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Part 39: Bugaboo?

Let's advance and see what is there to be seen.

Jimenez does something.

Bifrons: "Thought you could escape? Thought you could get away from me, huh!? I'll make it so you never... eh?"

Oh my, Bifrons noticed the party.

Sure, you won't. Let's see.

That is because this combat is NOT interactive. It is Jimenez's deal.

Seems Jimenez is rather underlevelled compared with York, considering his choice of minions. Meanwhile, York has level 18 things. AND SO ON AND SO FORTH, I guess Jimenez does not grind as much.

Yeah, whatever. Deal with it. Could be worse! He could be fighting with York at the same time! Or just with York's team. Hell, whenever Bifrons is encountered I just put autobattle now. Covenient when mixed with the emulator's fast forward function. Without that I would probably quit, haha.
Well, that and savestates. The game is great, but damn if it isn't grindy.

AND EVEN against a single Bifrons, Jimenez manages to lose one of his minions. Damnit, Jimenez, you are shameful!

Losing a minion and yet saying things that make me think of Terry Bogard? Bah!
On the other hand, Bogard is "Get serio-ohs" so whatever.

You could've done better!

Not what he expected, maybe?

A masked devil... with a diaper!

With a rather limited vocabulary. Seems that its skin under those red bandages is rather black.

Jimenez is not particularly happy now, he was expecting humans to be saved, I guess.

Yeah, no, why destroy it when it could be a valuable ally?
If not, good fusion fodder, maybe.

Not a particularly engaging conversationalist, I must say.

"Looks like he's had it hard. I know where he's coming from, but... Hey, man! We saved you!"

Seems he has his own pokedex!

"Hmmm... interesting. Take a look, Francis. I've never seen a guy like this."

"That one-quarter of him is non-demon material. Which means... He's not a pure demon. These facilities with their tortures and experiments... Looks like he's a test tube demon."

That is kind of awkwardly phrased, seems to me.

So this one is actually a pokemon. All it can say is its name.


"What, you can't talk? Man, you're a pain in the ass! But I don't care. It's crazy enough that the other demons can talk... You seein' me, bro? I want to make you my ally. "

He changed his tune very fast, didn't he?

"You stay here, and you're dead for sure. You run, you'll get caught and killed that way too. But you stick with me, and maybe things'll turn out different..."

How can anyone tell? He's masked!

Well, I guess getting that Lilim killed was not without its benefits, he gained a new minion.


And thus, Jimenez gains a new minion.

Can't open this. Unfortunate.

This one can be opened, though.

And beyond it there is a set of stairs.

And excellent, a new level is acquired.

Motherfucking damage floor.

Floor 6 is different. Must be getting closer to Mitra. Time to go back, there are things to be done.

Another source, turning Vodyanik into fusion fodder.

Yeah whatever, give me my bird girl. Oh, neat, the hair is a beak. Or something.

And then, a Macabre! Will have to resummon something forthe macabre.

Like this.

"I am Spirit Macabre. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

Macabre can lead to Wendigo and Nue, which will be useful in the future.

Moh Shuvuu can be turned into good things as well.

Hathor can turn into Thoth with Shiisaa, not bad! Also, into the doppelganger and into Cuchulainn's palette swap.

That does sound useful. Let's get the snake!

That is silly. That is not a snake. It is a furball with legs, an elephant's trunk and not a snake! Snakes have no legs or fur.

Yeah yeah. Get in the... Uh... Where the hell does York store his murderbeasts? Raidou has his tubes.
Now that I think of it, I don't know where the demifiend stores them either.

Nozuchi can turn into level 20+ things as well. Always good, that.

Shiisaa and Pixie can turn into this armless asshole. GOOD thing he doesn't use those skills that much when fighting. That could be problematic.
Also, weak against electricity and nothing else. Good to know.

Also getting longdog.

Yeah yeah, shut up.

They are all over the place.

And their horns are dropped.
Let's see what it has to say.

Takeminakata: "I've been makin' my own way on musle alone since I was born. Talk is cheap. S c'mon, man, let's get to comparin' our strength! Both of my arms might be gone, but I ain't sunk so low that I'd let a human get the best of me!"

He does not win.

To the reserves with you!

And now it is official, one tenth of all the murderbeasts.

And now, conversation with something that had not been seen.

GU Huo Niao: "I guess it's okay if you just wanna talk, though."

Well, the first one is the truth, but the second is more entertaining.


And then, there is an effect!

Hell yeah, the Demonica has cologne stores or something. It sprinkles something. Whatever. It works.

Yeah, it fixes up a fuckup, and makes those conversations that ALL of the first option anger the enemy actually possible.

Gu Hio Niao: "I bet you can see all kinds of stuff with it."

Wouldn't surprise me, considering it can analyze things.

Kind of funny how Jimenez was able to analyze bugaboo without beating the shit out of him, eh?

She actually liked that answer, hah.

Blahblahblah, be my demon, negotiation, etc.

Hell yeah.

Now we can finally see what is in the middle of 3f. Not much, I must say.

A secret door!

And a whole buttload of damage floor, god damn it.

Hey, it is Hariti! We don't know that yet, though.

Demon: "I've stopped dining on humans, so I have no business with you. Farewell, my past self, who drowned in the joy of gluttony... "

Well, good.

Once again, god damn damage floor.

And me forgetting that particular hole leading to a new area.

Yeah. Asshole.

It does lead to this, though.

It is a weapon! It is technically better than the pixie knife! But charm is a better effect than sleep, so it stays there for now. It does have considerably higher strength, though.

And then, a Mou-Ryo made with Ippon Datara and something else. Let's just fues it.

And then return, things need to be bought

New and better things.

CHARM ROUNDS. YES. CHARMGUN. Will make things like takeminakata slightly more difficult since it is not a electric gun, but hey, charm.

No fear, no poison, and plus two luck and plust two magic. No need for any of that at the moment. So there they are and they there will be kept.

And a new usable. Eh.

Enemy encounter enemies can be sold for a bunch of money. Useful! Let's get rid of some.

And then, Antlia. To get rid of the tengu's letter. And all that.