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by Luisfe

Part 42: Hunting in the Palace

Yeah. We need to get back to floor . To heal. And furthermore, to explore. We need to be prepared before Mitra is faced.

Like so.

After that, exploring the last floor is optional, and what shall be done, there is something neat here, before getting back to facing Mitra.

Demon: "Why isn't the door here? I thought this was where the hidden door was supposed to be... Ohhh, of course. I'm thinking of the floor below! "

That is a hint to find the hidden door we saw in the last update, it is directly down from the current map location, but eh, there it goes.
There is ONE more thing to be seen in this area.

This dude.

Demon: "Ho, a human? Thou shalt meet thine end in this place... Humans appear to be untroubled by fear. 'Tis why thour art capable of wracking a planet, I suppose."

Demon: "I will admit this... thy blade is finely crafted, truly. "

York is strong! If not in strength, at least yes in Magic. Damned magic build.

Demon: "Wilt thou tarry a while with me? I have yet to introduce myself. I am called Halphas."

Halphas: "I have wanted for stimulus in these recent days; pure battle is lacking in grace for my tastes. I thought to enjoy a hunt, the sport of a gentleman, but alas, I have no rival."

Why yes, it is a sidequest! It can be a pain in the ass, all things considered. Let's see what it consists of.

Halphas: "Now let us begin the hunt! We shall begin at one full moon and end at the next. Prithee wait a while until the next full moon."

If you noticed, it was at 1/8 in the previous screenshots.

Yes! Let's start!

That leads to a bunch of FOE, er, hidden enemies to appear.

A bunch of mamedanukis here and there.

And a bunch of ASSHOLES that are not usable for our purposes, and just waste time and resources.

Eventually, after visiting the other floors, and doing VERY little exploring (this was in floor 6, I believe, thanks to the elevators), you will get random hidden enemies scattered in the floors. Other than getting lucky with drops, there is not much to be said about this.


On the way back, Inugami jst outlived its usefulness.

Halphas: "I hunted 6. And thou... 6."

I thought I was gonna lose, but hey, that is excellent, WON INSTEAD!

Halphas: "I present thee this as a reward."


And with that, this quest is over.

With that out of the way, I guess there is nothing to do but to go and confront Mitra now.