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Part 43: Mitra

No real excuse for the lack of updates. But here it is one.
Let's see a couple of the compendium entries, since I had forgotten about that in the previous updates.

"It is normally seen in bird form, but it is said to be able to take off its feathers and become a human woman. A girl kidnapped and raised by a Gu Hu Niao is said to become one herself."

"where four frog gods existed before man. She is the wife of Khnum and is thought to be the giver of life."

"He appears at night to startle travelers and make them lose their way."

Long dog!

"They live in the bottoms of lakes and seas, and enjoy singing and dancing when they are not fighting."

"It is depicted as a skeleton with a black cloak and a sickle to reap humans. It dances the feared " Dance of Death"."

Doesn't look like a skeleton, but it is quite creepy, in any case.

This one is clearly in pain or quite angry. Eh.

Gu Huo Niao along with Pyro Jack can become a Power. That ought to be useful eventually, when the damn thing releases its source.

Eventually, a level is acquired, but not really all that useful since it doesn't unlock any new regular fusions.

But yeah, let's go and face Mitra.

Time to beat the shit out of Mitra.

Mitra: "But to point your blade at me, of all things! I was mistaken to show you mercy! The result proves what all my experiments have shown!"

Seems that Mitra is pretty disappointed about mankind.

Mitra: "We must reshape this entire world that we might inhabit it again! I shall carve a reminder of this vow from your skull and wear it with pride!"

And so the battle starts, notice that Mitra is level 19.

Meanwhile, York is level 20. ot quite overlevelled for this, but it helps.

Mitra happens to be weak against Wind, so having wind users helps a bunch.

Mitra happens to hit rather hard as well, not enough to one-shot anything, but it is not pleasant. So, York uses Armshot to beat the shit out of that. Mustadio from FFT would be proud.

Also, dekunda. I think.

Mitra is not only strong, but he has a NASTY expel attack that oneshots things. Like that.

So, summoning.

Strain! Not poison. It reduces MP on each turn, so pretty much skill poison, instead of life poison.

Afterwards, he oneshots Nozuchi. Rather annoying, that.

Eventually, Mitra is whittled down low enough.

And Macabre gets the last hit. Appropriate, for a personification of Deth.
Death. Yes.
Goddamn Dredmor.


These... broken creatures... without a future...

Is that a rare forma? Irving will be thrilled!

This rosetta doesn't like to be seen in the face. Nope.

Success! This is the result of a teleport immediately after beating Mitra.