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Part 44: Phase shift into Carina

This should've been posted like 10 days ago, haha.
Let's see what Arthur's got to say about Mitra's defeat.

Arthur: "Mission "Bootes Rosetta" is confirmed complete. With the data extracted from the Rosetta, we should be able to break through the quantum tunnel above. Preparations for the plane shift are already underway."

"And you say the quantum fields limiting traffic are unlocked with certain information? Which is held by demons... It's hard to believe, but we mustn't blink in the face of the truth. "

Arthur: "Each sector in the Schwarzwelt has a ruling demon using it as a staging area for the invasion. The common factors between Morax's case and Mitra's case only support the theory. It's unclear whether they created the sector or occupied them after their creation... Whichever it is, our coal is the same: We must take their Rosettas to move on to the next sector."

"Those are the very demons we are fighting now. The professor believed these life forms would appear as antipodes to human society. The more burden humans place on the Earth by multiplying and consuming natural resources... The more energy flows into the Schwarzwelt as a reaction. This energy has an intelligence and a will, modeled after human behavior. Of course, we can't rely solely on his theory for guidance. Dr. Hammerschmidt never predicted that we would have to fight the demons, as we must continue to do."

Yes, Jimenez remains impatient and wanting to get the hell out of the Schwarzwelt.

"We're yanked around like a monkey on a string, and all we get in return is one lousy step forward!? Arthur! Are you really looking for a way outta here!?"

Arthur: "I am aware that the strike team is under a great deal of stress, but you must control yourself. First Lieutenant Zelenin. You are on the monitor team, correct? Observing demons is closely tied to observing the Schwarzwelt. You must overcome your fear despite your ordeal at the hands of the demons."

On one hand, that shouldn't be such a problem, since she is not OUT on the field doing the exploring and mapping herself, but that would still put her in a severe disadvantage if she had to defend herself on an invasion/attack of some sort. Eh.

"Well, to each his own. Just don't get in our way, 'kay?"

"It may be second nature to the strike team, but I find the idea of befriending demons repulsive. I'll gladly work with you, but not with demons. I'm Zelenin. Nice to meet you."

Well, at least they are going to work in a relatively amicable way, I guess.

Yeeeea, pretty much the only survivors out of the two ships. Damn. Also, the crew of the Sprite is getting a bunch of casualties. Must be pretty well staffed to begin with, all things considered.

"I'd like to hope it's safe, but... "

Arthur: "We will make the plane shift once all hands are ready. All hands, please take positions to plane shift."

Same video as last time, still not bad.

Arthur: "This field of operations will be the Sector C, codename CARINA "
Yeah, it continues with the astronomy theme

"You'll be part of the mission from this sector forward, so best of luck to you. "

"Where should I start? Pinpointing the quantum tunnel's location, maybe? "
"Finding the next fresh hell is fine and all, but don't forget to look for our way home, okay? I know it's important to explore and all, but I worry we're just getting ourselves in deeper. I don't share the all-knowing Arthur's faith in investigation, so I'd like some assurances."

Arthur: "I am programmed only to provide guidance based on the information collected."

"Maybe you don't have faith, but you sure know how to take offense like a flesh-and-blood human. Christ..."

SITUATION: Defused, I guess?

Hm. What will happen there?

Oh. Wait what?

Seems like a store, yes.

Looks more like a store such as walmart than a mall to me, but eh.

Ayup. Was there something else besides the mall and the already seen areas shown? I forget. In any case, seems like the drones got all to different areas, like the ships did.

Ayup. A reflection, again?

But why a MALL?

But but but it is probably not edible! AND considering the AIR itself is noxious and damaging and kills the people without their demonicas, I don't think eating demon-food is a good idea.

"Arthur, we have radar contact at 4 o'clock! It's a giant ship!"

unless it is a demon-made giant ship, seems likely, doesn't it?

"That make this the Gigantic? "


Wait, what?

How did it get from Bootes to Carina without the Rosetta?

Arthur: "However, our inability to contact them suggests a high probability that they are having difficulties. "

"You don't think we're talking to demons who've taken the thing over, do you...!?"

"They are answering our signal, but it's not a proper response. Could be that the Elve's Command Unit is malfunctioning? "

[A]Arthur[/b]: " Based on this data, I cannot confirm the presence of crewmen in need of rescue. It would be premature at this stage to launch a rescue mission. "

Rather callous, isn't it?

Arthur: "The Elve's radio is functional. We may assume that the ship is also in working condition. From there, we can anticipate that other equipment onboard is also viable."

Macguffin introduction, go!

Arthur: "If we retrieve the Elve's graviton radio, it may become possible to communicate with Earth. "

"You think there's equipment on the Elve that'll let us talk with the folks back home? Now you're talking!"

Arthur: "The likelyhood is strong enough that it is worth issuing an official directive. I am issuing a new official mission, designated "Graviton Radio Recovery". "

Arthur: "However, it would be best if you proceed as part of the team. I am assigning you to observe this sector. Select a support crew and investigate on site. "

Arthur: "We have used the Rosetta Manifold from Mitra to enhance the Demon Summoning Program. You may now carry up to 12 demons. Strike fore team, prepare to receive the patch. "

Excellent! More space!

"You'll be happy too, won't you, Bugaboo? Lots of new friends for you to play with."

Jimenez seems to be quite happy with his new ally. Kind of seems like he's got a new dog or cat. Or something.

Zelenin doesn't seem too thrilled about it, though.

"It's 'cause him and me are so tight that he fights for me... See?"

Arthur: "Your point is taken, Crewman Jimenez, but summoning on ship premises is restricted. "

"Oh well. C'mon back, Bugaboo."

"You say you want to escape, but you're making nice with demons... An odd contradiction, I'd say."

Hopefully, it will be straightforward!