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Part 45: Toilets?

The crew has things to say.

"I didn't pay them much heed. I still don't get it, though... What's it doing in here?"

"It's only a possibility, mind you... It might not work. But what choice do we have than to cross our fingers and fire it up? We have to do SOMETHING."

"For a demon to be so friendly with a human... is its psychic makeup different than norma? Or... is it a more animalistic instinct? It's very interesting. I wish I could examine it more..."

"Oh well... No one's better than me when it comes to indoor combat in a wide arena. They say I can go back to the battlefield soon, so I'm ready to raise some hell!"

Unless he gets hurt AGAIN.

Irving gets excited about new forma. Again. Then again, new rare forma was acquired.

So what did it make?

Well both were used to make sub apps

Not bad, enemy begone, which reduces the enemy encounter rate, HP Regen I, which... well, regenerates HP when walking, UMA Converter, which turns fusion results from Beast to UMA, and Fracastoro, which lowers the odds of fusion accidents to 0%.

Oh, and Gambler. Eh.

Hell yes. Also, Mamedanuki.

Neat, it uses 0 slots.

As seen here.

Two new rings, alert, which prevents sleep, and health, which increases the HP.

And a new weapon.

Seems that 5 more UMA Skins are required. Eh.

Time to hunt more chupacabras, I guess.

Now a new sector is accesible! That is great news. I guess.
But we have not seen all.

"You want to accept a mission? Great! There are two missions I was saving for you. Here's the first one... This request is from Mia. Have you heard the rumors that there's an evil spirit in the restrooms? It seems like the work of a demon, but something's strange about it."


Well, it is a sidequest, so let's see what is it all about!

There are things. Yes.

Engineer: "What is WITH that bathroom? I'm not using this one ever again! "

Comms Woman: "An evil spirit!? A demon? Or...? "

Mia: "You probably heard us shouting about it, but there might be something... alive in there. It doesn't seem to be a demon, either. It calls itslef "God"... "

Considering the different and variate appearances by Jesus, such as toast, potatoes and whatnot, it is not QUITE out of the question!

Way to be closed minded, Mia.

Since York is in the Strike Team, and has already (maybe?) killed a deity or two or MORE, he can probably handle things.

Mia: "If Arthur ever got scrapped, you could probably fill in for him. Well... standing around here won't do anything. We'll just have to check it out."

I forget, do Demonicas work like Dune Stillsuits? If so, gross.

Oh my! They were RIGHT about something being out there!

... wait what.


A foot.

A foot is the god of the toilets? What?

What. Why. Where. When.

And so the fight starts. As seen in the video, but not in the screenshot, Kanbari is level 27. It is higher level, but it is very beatable.

Except when he tetrakarns AND charms.

He is weak against physical hits. And guns. So, almost EVERYTHING causes followup attacks.

And level ups!

Well, damn. At least it's no big loss since he will become fusion fodder soon.

Kanbari also has very silly facial expressions.

That being said, Kanbari does have nuggets of wisdom. Keeping things clean is important! Maintenance of where one defecates leads to it not being horribly gross and or unusable!


That's what there it is for.

Why yes, proper maintenance in living quarter facilities is certainly something that needs to be taken care of in a alternate reality that is horribly hostile to man.
I mean, it probably helps to prevent water waste and whatnot. I guess.



Well, yes, that was the quest.

... Yes, York and his minions DID beat the shit out of the toilet god. With their hands.

Excellent! Since we have beaten one Enigma already.