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Part 46: Carina

Well, we saw the toilet footgod. Let's see what the other request is.

dent_Av"You want to accept a mission? Great! I actually have one that's perfect for you. This is a mission from Gekko. We've lost many of our comrades, but they left behind some valuable investigational data. It's Gekko's job to collect that data. Could you give him a hand? You can get more details directly from him."

Gekko: "Can I bother you for a moment? I need somebody to talk to... It's about the data our Demonica suits are constantly accumulating. That data is streamed to the command unit, but there've been a few anomalies lately. They're probably from our fallen comrades... My job is to collect that data from any destroyed Demonicas. If I succeed, what we learn may help us add more functions to the Demonica. I'll understand if you're not comfortable looting corpses, but I could really use the help. "

Gekko: "Really? You have no idea how helpful that'd be. I'll send your Demonica the password to decrypt the seals on the black boxes."

Well, new mission!Not one that we can finish up in one go.

Gekko: "Even if you only recover one piece of data per sector, that's fine. Well, I wish you luck."

With that new mission, it is time to start exploring.

Ayup. New zone.

Yeah. Those doors say BUY and SELL. That's a monument to consumerism, allright.

"Feels funny to waltz into a place like this in full combat gear. I did a little urban warfare training, but I never went through a killing house or anything. "

Eating otherworldly food is generally a big no-no.

"All this fine-looking stuff does make you want to stop and take a closer look..."

"Though from what I hear, some of our crewmen have looser wallets... People like that should take extra care in this sector, don't you think?"

"There seem to be a lot of places to relax, but be careful, everyone. I'll pray for your safety. The monitor team will begin their investigation once you've secured a safe zone. "

Yeah. New area. Need to be careful. New and harder encounters!

A burger, a crown? and a missile/plane.Ayup.

The doors are for consumerism!

That is an Apsaras, I think.

Demon: "Here in this shopping mall, we work hard to provide you with all the amenities for an easy life. "

That is not a happy prospect.

But in other matters, we can now fuse our first Special Fusion murderthing. The High Pixie!

Like that.

With this particular source.

And this particular set of skills. Hooray for random skill selections.
Why couldn't it be like in Devil Survivor? That would've been good. Yes.


The high pixie is of similar size to the regular pixie, it seems.

High Pixie: "My name is Fairy High Pizie. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Yeeeaaah. Let's advance.

Strike Team: "It's a relief to see stuff I remember from back home, but it IS a pretty strange sight... There's just too much stuff. Oh yeah. You been putting that Demon Fusion function to good use? It's really cool. I'm so into it, I feel like I've been messing with the system for 20 years. If you're having any trouble with it, talk to me and I'll try to help."

Unhelpful helpful strike team memeber there, but let's see what they are selling. Clothes, seems like. And jewels. And that on the right looks like a miniature version of the Hill Valley clock tower. I think.

Giant pigs, vegetales, and shelved fish! That is a huge hog, in any case.

And of course, new encounters.

Raijus! Electric things!

Baaaad idea.

No! Bad! Seriously, why would anyone do that. Besides experimenting. Eh.

Strike Team: "Or is this what demons eat? ... Maybe it's an acquired taste. "

Of course, there are also new silly items to be collected. And HIDDEN ENEMIES.

Like Toiletgod here.

Yeah that ain't clay.

Kind of hard to see, but there are human shapes going up on that escalator on top of the top screen. Had not noticed that when I first played it on the DS. I guess I was not putting as much attention to the backgrounds as I am doing now.

inferno! A flame elemental thing. I guess.


I want those skills as they are! Also, new source.

Good. Now she is fusion fodder.

No idea, but here's an alcove thing.

And new items to be had. I think these can be made into revival items.

An elevator on this side

And pigdragons.

And a heal station on this other side. Useful, I guess.

Demon: "I heard Master Horkos ate something incredible recently... Huh? What was it? I can't tell you. Trust me, though--it was incredible."

Incredible or inedible? In any case, that Horkos thing doesn't sound like the most pleasant of individuals to meet, what with the constant eating and gluttony.

Demon: "ugh, this reeks... I can't stand this damn smell. Huh? No, man, I ain't mean you. I'm talking about the smell of angels. "

Must be nearby, I guess?

Demon: "He's going to clear out all our reserves in the basement. At this rate, the underground storage will be empty... Our production lines simply can't keep up."

So, Horkos himself is depleting all the resources they have. Damn.

Demon: "Humans are so mysterious... Like, what do you eat? Each other? The biggest eater around here is still master Horkos. He'll snarf down anything! No one can beat him in an eating contest."

Excellent, three items to be used to make someone sleep.

That there on the right is Inferno. Clearly.

Another level up. And does that lead to new things to be fused? Maybe!

These are the closed doors that can't be accessed yet. At least it is easier to recognize than it just being different. It is clear that it is blocked.

On both sides, and here's the stairs to go down. They are escalators. Hooray.

And the ones upstairs as well.

Lot of closed doors, seems to me.

And here's something different! It is a crewman corpse. Like the ones we've already seen in the other sectors. But now we can actually DO something about it!

Excellent. Kind of morbid though.

Are those things on the right carrots? Tomatoes? Something? I dunno.

Success on one part of the mission!

Message: "My observations so far follow: Sector Carina looks like a shopping mall or a supermarked... the aisles are lined with consumer goods. They go on for miles, with more and more luxurious stuff on display as you go..."

He died just to write a goddamn general description of the area. Bah.