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Part 47: Meeting Mastema again

Hooray, items with random drawbacks. Hopefully there will never be a need for this to be used anytime soon, but always handy to have in an emergency, I guess.

Let's see what is up.

Besides more doors, that is.

"I checked it out earlier, but I couldn't make heads or tails of what it was supposed to do. Maybe my Demonica doesn't have the right app yet? I did get some kinda weird reading off it, though..."

That is... Something. Let's see what it is.


Well yeah, that was clear and consistent with what Jimenez said.
So, let's move on.

Excellent. High Pixie might be useful for a while yet, so not quite fusion fodder so far.

Hm, closed, but enemies and formas nearby. Inaccessible for the moment. We'll be back soon.

Since up was not an option, down might work better.

Good! It is leading to progress!

That isn't too far at all! I guess finding it will be easier than the last few missions.

Or... Not?

Oh. God. Damn. It.
Not the most annoying first person dungeon crawler mechanic, but pretty high there, I must say.

God. Damn IT.

It is not pitch black all the time, no, there's this annoying "tape out of alignment/tracking" effect thingie. Could be worse, I guess.

So yeah, let's see what is UP HERE instead. That can wait.

Well, there's an opening there.

But it leads to nowhere. Same oas this one on the third floor.

Fourth floor is slightly more interesting, though. There is a conveyor thing, with... Carcasses. Meat to be processed. It moves!

And this. Have been playing some Etrian Odyssey, so was planning to say "hey, more MP regainers!", but that doesn't work like that in Strange Journey.

Nope. Ailment cures!

Well since upstairs was a no go, let's finish up checking the accesible parts of floor 1.

Oh my, there is someone here. Who could it be, I wonder?

Oh, just weird creepy helpful Angel thing.

"Ahh, I remember. Francis. How could I forget the brave soul who defeated Mitra? You are doing good works, human. "

"I have not seen you since the land of leisure... How have you been? "

Well, for starters, he is being quite helpful towards York without requiring an extra mission, or being aggressive and then fitting in a pokeball, so eh. Maybe.
Then again, we HAVE seen some angels, and they are not the friendliest bunch so far.

"I am sure that will come as you witness more of my actions. I have some time to spare, and this is a good opportunity... I will share with you waht I know of this world's demons and the messengers of the Lord."

"What you may not know is then ature of this world. unfortunately, it has long been occluded from human view, and there are no human words to describe it. Let us call it the hidden world of spirits, though that loses some of the nuance. You may wonder why the demons have awoken. The true question is, "Why did it ultimately come to this? I have come here to learn that truth...""

"It must have begun once Adam's spirit, the spirit of humanity, was defiled. ...It is cause for serious lament. Be assured that the Lord will not allow the world to fall into the hands of the demons."

"To fill the land with the Holy Spirit; that is what the Lord wishes... I have every intention of helping you overcome the trials of this world as much as I am able. But there is only so much I can do. It also falls to me to prepare for the demons' invasion of Earth. .."

Well, at least he IS being helpful.

"Ah... So she, too, is investigating this world. That cheers me. I am interested to see what she can discover of this world..."

Well that isn't auspicious at all, is it? We have already seen that Jimenez got himself a pet pokedemon, so maybe Zelenin will get an angel herself?

Well, good. Let's now see what new things Irving has for us.

A knife that shall not be bought, and

Now we can manufacture BEADS! They are expensive, and they are easily acquired through conversation, but it is good to have a sure source of them.

Uuugh goddamn running out of materials for the healing items. Why must a silly game about dungeon cartography be so addictive?