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Part 48: Horkos

Well, I guess that is pretty much all that can be shown at the moment on that front. Mastema offered more help and whatnot. MEANWHILE, outside.

OH FUCKDAMNIT, this asshole. Yeah, he is now a FOE thing of sorts. So here it could be either the easy as pie Kanbari, or renowned asshole MATADOR. Everyone knows Matador is an asshole.

Yeah no shit, he is hostile. He is the Matador.

Matador"Now take uo thy sword! Words will serve thou no purpose here."

Yeah, he is an ashole.

But the drawback from his attack thing can be mitigated.

Eventually, it is decided that fleeing would be best, considering he IS an asshole and there are not enough restoratives at the moment.

Fuck you matador, I would rather face the pitch black section at this time.

And thus, ALSO fusion time.

DOCTOR BIRD! With an stetoscope! That is rather awesome, I'd say.

No source since there aren't things that would mitigate the gun weakness in the source library.

Unfortunately, doctor bird is less eloquent than what would be expected of such a learned creature.

Longdog and Birdgirl form... Antlion? Yes. Antlion.

Antlion's weakness can and will be mitigated. Hooray for having an adequate source abailable for such a thing.

And thus, an even better murderbeast is acquired.

No one expected it to speak in another way, right?

Nozuchi and the Birdwoman become Catgirl. Yeah, why not? Higher level than either.

And mitigating the weaknessess is always good. Not bad!

Nekomata: "I'm Beast Nekomata. Cool to meet you."

Nekomata can eventally become Dandybird, but that will have to wait until Nekomata's source is secured. And so on and so forth.

Getting something that mitigates gun damage would be a good idea as well, I think.

Macabre and Mou-Ryo can become a creepy humanoid plant as well! And when I played it on the DS I never noticed that Mandrake was female and had breasts. Welp.

"But if the sickness was too far advanced, the bird would refuse even to look at the sufferer. It is thoght to be a plover or wagtail, but the only definite detail is that it is pure white."

So, nekomatas are cat necromancers. Okay. Not cat ninjas. Then again, goddamn cats tend to be stealthy and whatnot, so maybe that there is the ninja connection.

"It will die of starvation. It was born from a mistranslation of the Bible."
Wait, what?

Ah, Ohh.
In any case, it is an Antlion.


But at least it is navigatable. Could've been worse.

And it leads to a Terminal. Makes sense since we are near to the spot Arthur marked.

But noo, there has to be more goddamn darkness.

It is just a short trip through the dark areas, so not all is bad, though.

So close it is palpable!

Hm. Victory?

Or something else?

Wait. What?

Wait. WHAT?

No shit. That is kind of an understatement, I think.

Welp. If it wasn't blatant enough already. This segment's theme is gluttony, seems like.

He sucked 80 HP!

"Horkos!? A demon?"

Seems like it!

He is rather gross.

That is clearly Horkos's catchword.

"Huh? Hey, wait a sec... Is he fused with the ship's plasma armor!? Holy shit, ho'd he manage that!?"

Not a good thing.

Oh. Well damn.

That can't end well.

And it learned another word! Gasp.

See? It could not end well.

"That Horkos... what the hell's he doin' to my buddy!? Argh... dammit! How'm I supposed to get my revenge!?"

Maybe York can help there!

Jimenez is correct. Staying there only hurts more.

"C'mon! Let's go already!"

"That Horkos made a bigm istake when he swallowed Bugaboo... Hope the li'l guy's okay. "

Well, he IS now the Elve as well. That is a good question.

Maybe Arthur'll have more insights for it.