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Part 49: What the hell is a shibboleth

He is a fat fuck, indeed. Doubly so with the ship fused to it like that.
Even if in the back part it kind of looks like he is just resting on top of it.

"Got a plan, Francis? I dunno what else to do besides just standing here and watching..."

Not much can be done, seems like. Let's use that convenient terminal to get back to the ship. There are things to be done there.

So let's first get healed. Health is important!

Afterwards, we can get here. You know what's there, right?

Of course! Angeldude! He DID say that he would help and provide assistance against Horkos. Let's see if he will make good on his promise.

"I knew Horkos to be a glutton, but this ability to absorb energy is new and worrisome. Left as is, he could become a significant evil that threatens the Lord's world. "

Yeah yeah, just give us tools to eliminate the gross pig thing.

"The problem is that in addition to being an evil spirit, the demon is also a man-made machine. I have weays of vanquishing evil spirits, but for them to work on its mechanized body... Shall we try an experiment, francis? I will create a divine artifact abhorrent to Horkis wih the power the Lord has given me..."

Well, that ought to be useful!

"I can think of no other way to carry out the task. I shall need your help to make the crystal... Are you willing?"

Well, there isn't really another option. Let's cooperate with angelthing.

"To make the crystal abhorrent to Horkos, I need two demons. First, a demon of the Megami race... Second, one of the Wilder race. With these two I shuold be able to obtain the holy artifact that defeated the swine king."

New mission, go! Well, that ought to be relatively simple to fulfill.

That shouldn't take long. Let's see the description.

Yeah, not much required, that is simple.

We already got a Megami, and a Wilder? That will be quick.

Yeah, Gene Simmons mandrill.

So let's get back.

"Horkos has been storing energy continuously since we spoke last. We must hurry."

Well, that is over and done. Let's see if that does the trick.

"I shall transfigure these demons with the power my lord has given unto me. But... Hmm?"

"You are... Zelenin, the woman I met in the cell, correct? You are much livelier than the last time I saw you. "

It seems I failed to get one screenshot. Damnit.

Doesn't matter since no important data was lost from that, I think.

"Do you not use demons, as Francis does? "
"I... No, I don't. My suffering at their hands prevents me from trusting them enough. I have the Demon Summoning Program, but only for show."

"Ah, Francis. Allow us to proceed with the ceremony. I will reshape the demons with fire not of this world into a spiritual stone. "

Ah, the Ark of the Alliance. I get it.

"Close your eyes when I tell you to, and do not open them again until I give the word."

Yeah, melty faces are not good for anyone.

Nazis dying?

"You may now open your eyes."

"I shall call it the Shibboleth"
Wait what? What the hell is that?

Still, wait, what?

Honestly, neither have I.

"I shall leave this in your care, Francis. Here, take it. "

"Now it is your turn to display your power... the power of human technology. I look forward to it. And... Zelenin."

"A gift for you. I believe he will provide excellent protection..."

Uh. No. Isn't Power rather low levelled for that point?
Then again, she is not on the active strike team.

"Perhaps you do not trust demons enough to fight alongside them, but what about my kind? I would like it if you used their power to battle demons as well. "

That crocodile is still there, along with nasty pieces of nasty-looking meat.

"I will be with you when you face Horkos. Until then... "

Well, he WAS helpful.

"We'll make it home won't we, York? And we'll wipe out all the demons. "

And we should check how that can be integrated with our current weapon systems.