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Part 51: Goddamn Horkos.

Well, Horkos got away. Maybe there is something we can do.

Dunno. But I blame Jimenez more than Mastema.

"Horkos has appeared here! Hurry to the floor above! I'm transmitting the location to your automap."

How convenient! Where Mastema was, maybe he will help! Or not.

"Please hurry to those coordinates!"

Hustlin' on!

But before the hustle can happen, there is a silly encounter! Kanbari.

Accompanied by two UNKNOWNS, that are quite dangerous, having things like A SKILL CALLED "True Lobotomy", and Charge. Those, mixed with Kanbari's Tetrakarn CAN be dangerous.

Goddamn Momunofus!

But since that is over and done with, let's just go on and see if we can fuck up Horkos once and for all. No, it won't happen now.

[url=]Horkos! Again[/b]

Well, good. It is clear that the Horkos Buster was succesful in weakening Horkos, and he would be dead if either Jimenez or Mastema had decided to not be an asshole.

Horkos: "NOT YOU AGAIN!"

"You're here! I have the situation under control!"

Yeah, no, not really under control, I'd say.


Goddamn Horkos keeps preventing them from succeeding. Or something.

"Just you wait, you tub of lard. If you want more, oh, we'll give you more! Listen, Francis. I'll act as a decoy... "

That's actually a fairly decent plan! Maybe he got slightly less retarded without Mastema there to be impressed!

Well then screw you, propose a better plan. Or something. Whatever. York is just gonna shoot the shit out of Horkos.

SPOILER ALERT, Jimenez is the Chaos asshole, if you hadn't noticed it before.


OF COURSE, what is the point on not doing it? It is a chance that has not been had since before Mastema interrupted the last Horkos encounter. So what. Doesn't matter.

Hell yes.

Yes. Good.

But not yet completely separated. Bah.

God damn it. Even without Mastema interrupting. Or Jimenez being stupid.


"Hm...? Look at this... I think Horkos dropped it. He was definitely weakening. The Horkos Buster really works, yes?"

Well it was not a total loss.

Hooray, mp recovery.

Excellent, a protection against Mudo. That is ALWAYS appreciated.

And a sillily named RARE FORMA. That means that now we will be able to see something new! That is good.

"A rare forma, eh?Talk about casting pearls before swine... geez."

"We should challenge Horkos while our luck holds!"

Hm. Why, yes. We need to process the forma.

Yes. Exactly.

By the way, randy shot seems to be more efficient AND effective than beating them with the pixie knife, or at least has a better chance of working. It is pretty much what allowd me to not lose terribly in the silly Kanbari + 2 Momunofus fight. Charge with True Lobotomy IS pretty goddamn brutal.

So yeah. We will see what the hell that rare forma does in the next update.