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Part 52: Unlockin'

Uh. Okay. Finders Keepers. Yeah. Who the hell named it that?

Consistent with the descriptions received from the other characters, which is a good hting, I guess. Eh.

>You handed Irving the Findite.
"Awright! The Demonica's gonna take one step further toward manhood with this baby!"

>The Unlock feature of your Main App has been enhanced.

>York obtained Unlock B. Now that the Unlock feature supports more types of doors... You will be able to unlock doors that were previously barred. As before, pay close attention to the information presented on the automap on the bottom screen. New information has been added to the mission briefing for Main App.

Besides that, there is stuff that can be made. Ne w stuff.

New armor, which is weak to wind and strong against guns. Not usch a bad thing, but not really needed yet, I guess.

Since York can open new doors, it is time to re-explore old ground. Yes.

Like this one in Antlia. There may be things behind that door!

And it just so happens that the new unlock app works wonderfully.


That is a stange pattern on that pillar thing.


But this door, on the other hand, cannot be opened with our current set of apps. Maybe in the future, unless i completely forget, which wouldn't be surprising.

The new unlock feature does nothing for hidden doors that cannot be opened. Oh well.

But here is something.

High Pixie: "Long time no see. Has it been so long you don't recognize me? I'm the injured Pixie you helped, remember? After we split, I got stronger and became a High Pixie. What do you think of this place? Not bad, huh? I'd like to bring more faeries here and start a village. Could you help me out by bringing faeries here?"

Hm, that sounds like a rather easy task! Also, I had not noticed before, but the text box is actually TRANSPARENT. That is pretty neat. Never noticed it on the DS.
It might be an emulation thing, though.

Of course! It sounds easy and leading to easy profit.

High Pixie: "I'm counting on you."

There it goes. Cheap summon as well!

High Pixie: "Not bad. You really are different from the other humans. Take this as thanks."

Sleeping stone, eh? Probably something for Irving.

Hopefully it'll be a fun and silly thing.

Goblin: "I like it here. It's comfortable. I need to decide where my home's gonna be. BUt before I start digging... I want to take my time and pick the best spot. Otherwise I might dig up somehting weird. "

High Pixie: "Just give me more time, okay?"

Well, nothing more to do on Antlia, so time to go back.

And check if there is something new and accesible on Bootes.

And it just so happens that there is! Let's see what lies beyond this portal here.

It seems it is some sort of multicolored humanoid thing! That is apparently naked other than that cape/toga thing. Interesting design, I'd say. Certainly better than Odin and Loki's designs (and now just Odin. Loki's design has been improved considerably in the later games).

Ah, the greek god of DRANK.

Yes indeed.

Dionysus: "That's right. You're quite knowledgeable, aren't you? I am Dionysus, the god of wine. Pleased o meet you. But enough introductions. Let us move on to the meat of the matter. I would like to ask a favor of you."

Dionysus: "Why, then, do you not work for the god of wine's sake?"

Dionysus: "Hohoho... A wise choice. Now, allow me to explain.Have you heard the tales of the poison wine? "

Last time I checked, poisoned wine was not necessarily derived of just one type of poisonous thing. Eh.

Dionysus: "And by mixing the feather into the wine, it becomes a poisonous wine that can kill a man in one sip. As the god of wine, I must know how this wine tastes. I would have you obtain one of this zhen's feathers. However... It cannot be plucked from a corpse . The scuffle would damage and dirty it, affecting the wine's bouquet."

Doesn't sound that hard. Eh.

Dionysus: "Hohoho... A reasonable question. Allow me to answer. I am a god, you see, and the poison of a zhen is no poison to me. Poison that passes the lips of the gods becomes a profound brew. Now then... What will this poison wine bring? Smoothness, savoriness, or dryness?"

I like the name of this mission.

Since a Zhen has not even been seen yet, that is gonna take a while, I guess.

Fortunately, Dionysus is in no rush, as he will say.

Is it? I am not much of a wine taster.

Since there is no more to do there, let's see what is in the other door we can open in this area.

Could've been a a better stash, but hey, it is decent.

And a level up!

There are also closed doors that can be opened in the prison cell areas. Let's see what lies there.

I forgot to take a pic of this in the inventory to explain its use. Will probably provide one for the next update, unless I forget to do so.

Behind another door, there are other things to be seen.

FUCKING DAMAGE FLOOR. Oh, joy of joys. Lots of it. And of course, it will be completely mapped.

Not bad! Protection!

And since High Pixie is the main healer at the moment, just for this floor, the mental drinks were used.

Not such a terrible increase, and so far no ill effects! Since it is not in combat, I guess. I remember mental drinks being quite rare, but eh, not like there is a better thing to be done with it .

Gaaah. At least it's not teleports.

We can see that the Zhenis level 28, and weak against guns! Useful to know, for when we see it. And so on and so forth, I think it's gonna be a while.

Somehow I got an onmoraki in Antlia, there is no point in having it, so it gets deleted. Screw you, firebreathing onionheaded chickenthing.

This one remains closed. Oh well.

But the cells themselves? They can be opened. Let's see what is behind those bars.

This is great!

And this one is very good as well!

On on this floor there are two, and they are just to make a nice shortcut for future treks through bootes. Eh.

"He helped us during the Mitra incident, too... So is he on our side? Or does he have some ulterior motive? Hmm..."

"It's only a possibility, mind you... It might not work. But what choice do we have than to cross our fingers and fire it up? We have to do SOMETHING."

Irving's got some new stuff for us now as well. Always good.

Woo. But what does it do?

Ah, of course. This is probably gonna be something minor.

Yes. Four slots! Sheesh.
Useful, though. Not useful at all if one wants to powerlevel, but for past areas or to lower risk, it can be prettty nice to have.

A new item as well.

Muzzle? What enemy drops that? We have none, and we need 3. Eh, maybe later it'll be seen.

Would need to farm Onis for this.

And now, back to Carina.