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Part 54: Transmission

Well, that operation was mildly succesful. No survivors were rescued, but at least the equipment was retreived succesfully.

Arthur: "Once the supply crew finishes repairing the Graviton Radio, we will attempt to contact Earth. Until then, all hands should remain on standby. The radio did not sustain heavy damage."

Immediately after that:

Arthur: "We should now be able to contact Earth. Mission "Graviton Radio Recovery" is confirmed complete."

Muccino: "We'll get about 10 minutes' worth of charge at a time. We can recharge it once that's up, but it'll take several days worth of time and effort. "

Muccino: "Beggining channel scan. Target is the Schwarzwelt Joint Project headquarters."

Insert like five screens of ellipses.

Voice: "Are we talking to the investigative team?"

Arthur: "We have an estimated 10 minutes to exchange as much information as possible."

Joint Project: "You're alive! You survived! This is the bureau chief of the Join Project speaking. I can hardly believe this...! Where are you!? What's going on!? Tell us your situation!"

Arthur: "Of the four ships, we are the only one active on the mission. Ship 2, the Blue Jet, and Ship 3, the Elve, are destroyed. Ship 4, the Gigantic, is missing. We hve suffered many casualties, Investigative Commander Gore among them."

Joint Project: "What's going on in there!? Have you had any positive results at all!?"

Arthur: "As regards the conditions of the armosphere, gravitational pressure, air quality and so forth... These values are all in line with those reported by the drones. Operations are possible thanks ot the Demonicas, but the conditions are unlivable for humans."

Arthur: "We have learned some things about the appearance and disposition of the Schwarzwelt. Ir is composed of structures similar to those found in human society. Though we dismissed the imagery retrieved by the drones as a malfunction... Everything we have seen so far in the Schwarzwelt is consistent with their transmissions. We have explored three space-time sectors thus far... Confirming the "battlefield", "red light district" and "shopping mal" environments."

Joint Project: "Even with your report, I have a hard time believing that!"

Arthur: "The intelligent life forms theorized before we entered the Schwarzwelt have been confirmed. They are much better-organized than life on Earth, and are extremely hostile..."

Well, shit. They are getting out.

"So they've actually made it to Earth!? "

Well, that is what Mitra wanted to do, yeah.

Well, shit.

So, that is bigger than before, isn't it?

Joint Project: "All Antarctic bases were overrun with demons. After that, they moved north. The southern regions of Africa, Australia and South America are under attack. A worldwide state of emergency is in effec. Every nation is banding together to repel demons."

What Jimenez says is "Oh my god." Yeah.

"Can you put together an escape plan and send in reinforcements!?"

Joint Project: "Unfortunately, neither of those things are possible. You already have our most advanced technology created on our theories on the Schwarzwelt. If you're saying you can't escape, even with that... There's nothing we can do for you."



Joint Project: "We could use the graviton beam to help you pinpoint your space-time coordinates. Our graviton beam will travel straight, without any dimensional interference. If the Red Sprite can catch it, your position in space-time should become clearer. We haven't abandoned you."

Joint Project: "Arthur, you should use the time we have left to transmit your observational data."

Joint Project: "We'll study your data and keep up our analysis of the Schwarzwelt. Who knows? We might be able to come up with an escape route."

Well that was not exactly the most useful thing. But it was not completely useless either.

"And our big reward is finding out that Earth's going to hell in a handbasket?"

"No means of escape, no backup... I understand the sinking feeling you must have. But it's too soon yet to abandon all hope."

"You'd rather fill my head with dreams, Miss First Lieutenant?"

"...You've gotten better at speaking my language, y'know that? Hell, I don't care if it's you or Zelenin, I just wish someone could pull me outta this funk. "

aRTHUR: "The chief reason we cannot escape the Schwarzwelt is that we do not know where we are escaping from. Even if we could increase our movement capabilities, without a proper grasp of our position... We could be in danger of wandering the Schwarzwelt forever. With the graviton beam sent by the Joing Project, we can at last learn our present whereabouts."

"So far, we've been having a hard time navigating under a starless sky... But with the North Star provided by the real world, we can draw a proper map."

Arthur: "This will also give us insight into the structure of the Schwarzwelt. Hence, we will not be forced to proceed by being carried further in by the quantum tunnels. We will be able to fine a genuine escape route."

Arthur: "If this works, we should be capable of reaching unknown space-time sectors. Our chances of returning home are much greater than they were prior to the correspondence. You should perform your duties with more hope now."

"C'mon, let's find that pig and get the next Rosetta!"

"Even so, better than wandering around here, mm?"

Arthur: "Strike Team, I suggest you use this time to rest."

Eh, well, more Horkos hunting later then? Okay, after all they've just beaten Horkos out of the ship, and hauled the graviton radio back from the ship's wreckage. Okay.

But it is not that simple, is it? Nooo, there's more stuff!


Why yes references, yes.

They did not even try, did they? Not like the other names are any better, but yeah, whatever.

Are those horns holding the hair? Haha, neat.

Hell yeah.

Probably neither? Probably. Yeah.

Oh well.

Well, WHO COULD THAT MYSTERIOUS GIRL HAVE BEEN? Surely that will not be important ever again.