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Part 55: Horkos attacks

Immediately after the MYSTERIOUS BLOND GIRL disappears, there is yet another event.

Announcer: "Abnormal conditions may result. All crewmen, be on alert!"

"I've located the source! 3 o' clock!"

"It's an incredible strong energy signal! We think it's a demon, but we can't catch it!"

I guess we can safely assume that this demon is Horkos.

Well, that is a confirmation. It IS Horkos.

"The demon's heading this way! We can't get the plane shift going in time!"

Horkos: "I'll eat with gusto! I'll eat it in one gulp!"

Arthur: "Accessing the engine reactor directly... Contact in 10... 9... 8... 7... 6..."

Horkos: "ON! A! PE! TITO!"

Oh my, he changed his catchphrase.

And coincidentally, Arthur finishes his countdown at the same time.

Which makes it a succesfulcounter to whatever Horkos was going to do offscreen.

"The energy signature is changing direction! It's moving away!"

Considering that in the previous two areas's rosettas were carried by the big bad bosses. It is a safe assumption.

"I didn't think it'd come after us... Talk about a fat pig!"

Arthur: "It seems to have fled after being wounded. We predict that HOrkos, in its natural form, is in possession of a Rosetta. We realize the risks, but you must track and defeat it."

Arthur: "Use this signature as your guide when tracking the demon."

Well, then let's go. Can't take that long to track it, right?

"He's by the stairs over there. Let's get after him, Francis!"

Let's go up and continue. Horkos will fall and we will soon see the next segment! Or advance. I guess.

There he is. Nice crown.

Horkos: "I must go to the hideout and... Urgh... Urrrrgh!"

Horkos: "Buo! Buo! Buono!"

"What're we gonna do, Francis!? We can't follow him!"

Well, he did drop something. Maybe that will be the key for his undoing. Hopefully.

Huh. He must've been damaged much more than what one would expect, goddamn BODY PARTS are falling off.

"That fatass drops a lot of stuff, doesn't he? He get food poisoning or something? "

Maybe Jimenez was an idiot and ate something from the demon mall? Bad idea!

Solid plan.

Hah, Nekomatas hork hairballs. Pretty gross. Or maybe they are cut open and then the hairballs are removed from their innards. Or something. In any case, quite gross if nekomatas give it in conversation as well. And if found in random field drops, that just means that nekomatas are gross.

"What should we do now? Won't anything we do just show how powerless we really are? Anyway, all we can do is our best. Just what our "best" is... we'll have to give serious thought to it."

"But... If we don't do what we came here for, how is that different from running away? I'm sorry. I know the strike team is always serious about this stuff. Let's just take down Horkos... It's all we can do right now."

"Personally... I think we should go back, but I can't say that too loud. "

Gore would probably be disappointed at that approach.

"He'd say, "We can't run away here! We're humanity's hope... We can't give up until the very end!""

"Commander... Why'd you have to go and die? We need you most now..."

Dent doesn't have shit to do now. Nope.

"Oh, well... Even if he does, we've got more than enough bullets to feed him. If we pile it on, he'll quiet down eventually and spit out that Rosetta."

Yeah that is a piece of Horkos. Damn