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Part 57: Processing fuckup, and getting annoyed at specific spawn areas

After like 8 attempts, all of them failed, to get BiG World installed, a goddamn update, haha.

Dwarf. The Dwarf's got Taunt, which increases enemy strength while decreasing their defense, and Charge to double up (or at least increase) a physical attack. A good, if dangerous combination. Not a bad addition. Strong against both physical blows and bullets, even if it is weak against expel, but who the hell uses expel? (GODDAMN POWERS)

Dwarf: "I'm Jirae Dwarf. Nice to meet you, sonny."

It seems I messed up and did not keep the incubus' components, but eh. Whatever.

That is a decent powerset. One would think that the Incubus would be weak against Expel, what with being a demonic thing and whatnot, but no, nulls it! Which is convenient.

Incubus: "Name's Night Incubus. Nice meetin' ya."

Afterwards, returning is a nice idea, since there are things that need restoring, needs that nee being sold, and so on and so forth.

And a thing that needs to be bought. BOUGHT.

And to buy it, one needs to gather the materials for it. So, let's use this new team to murderize some goddamn antlions.

Dwarves are really, really physically resistant. They also hit hard, too. Fortunately York has a bunch of charmthings. Mainly the gun.
Though, when I get bored of actually selecting options and just autofight + emulator turbobutton, getting a random Charmhit is always good.

Like that.

One down!

And then it took about half an hour for ANOTHER goddamn vermin abdomen to drop. That was the first random encounter after getting up there again

Things kept falling, though. They must be good for something.

And York levelled up! Always a good thing since it fills the hp and mp bars completely.

Hell yeah. The dorf will be useful, though.

Of course, getting a nice source is always a good thing.

And after getting the second Abdomen, it is time to go back!

And then it just happens that I am a goddamn idiot and forgot about the Raptor Dress.
And then spent a LOT OF TIME forgetting where the hell they spawn.

I know they do in Carina. Yeah, that much is clear.

There is this thing also. It seems to be some sort of longfox. Or something.

And here is a silly birdgirl. Damned birdgirl.
Unfortunately, it is not killable. One cannot kill her for her silly dress.

"They are blacksmiths as well and create many weapons for the gods."

Also, kind of surprising that these dudes are not censored.

MEANWHILE, level ups. Spent a whole lot of time wandering before remembering where the hell the silly brdgirls appeared.



By the way, just for future reference, they spawn in the NON-CHANGED second floor. Seems they ONLY spawn there. It is pretty annoying, that. That will be relevant in the future.

God damn it.

The vest is strong against physical AND guns, but weak against magics. That will be relevant in the future.

And here is a rather annoying enemy. He is an asshole and has some gimmicks that are pretty noteworthy.

The first one is that it summons other things.

In this case, a Mou Ryo and a Macabre.

The other one? It REFLECTS physical and Gun. Somehow I did not get the screenshot I wanted. Hms. Oh well. In any case, it is an asshole, it is level 25, and it is going to be USEFUL.

Also, this skill name has a better name than True Lobotomy. Hell yeah.

That enemy?
This asshole. Oh yes.

And yet another level up. That was quite a bit of grinding.
The Doppelgangers ar weak against Expel, so having a Power there is a very big bunch of help.

I don't know what happened there and why most of the images are lacking the lower part. Unfortunately, I was an idiot, and unlike other times, I deleted the source files before checking. Pretty dumb.
I blame the Baldur's Gate thing. Failing 10 times to install the megamod does that.
Will try again in the future, but in any case it is very, very goddamn annoying.

Alternatively, I could just do a simple Baldur's Gate Trilogy install, but I've already downloaded a shitload of things a shitload of times (seriously, it is like 10 gigs of mods, most of them possibly terrible, but eh).
That's pretty off topic, I guess, but I needed to complain once more. ANYWAYS, let's just see what is in this silly green place.

I don't know what the hell happened here, but hey, it happened. And there it goes. Showing what the fusion was going to be.

It's shadow York!

I guess the birdgirls COULD spawn in this particular set of stairs while the Sanctum is activated. I guess.

I suppose this image was supposed to be before the battle where the Doppelganger summoned two things. In any case, it is here now. Will have to check what the hell happened there and why the hell did the things get messed up. I probably did something wrong when processing the things, but it is not like it affects things all that much now. Could be worse.

Or maybe I just took those screenshots and then RELOADED and took more? No, I don't think that's it. In any case, things happened.

There is a sanctum terminal right there. Waiting to be used.

And more open spaces here.

Ayup. Momunofu's source was used to complete that silly Doppelganger.

Taunt, Berserker God, Charge, Rakukaja and Rakunda. Not bad for inheritance, even if the only "natural" skill it gets is pretty much useless to it. It already reflects nonmagic by itself! I guess it is useful for assistance purposes, but eh.
The Doppelganger is gonna be quite useful.

And it can lead to Cuchulainn's palette swap! As well as other things, I guess.

Seems like this second floor is larger than it first appeared to be. I mean, not only that, but it has two different layouts, considering the sanctums. That would've been a very annoying gimmick if this game was mapped with graphing paper.
God damn.

And what does this do?

That will definitely come in handy, even if it is not passive like a Sacrifice.