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Part 58: Horkos bites the dust

Well let's see what's uncovered by that sanctum terminal.

Welp. I think it may be time to replace the pixie knife. Hell yeah.

Hell. Yes. It doesn't do charm but that is quite good as well! also, considerably stronger, even considering that Yorkis not exactly the strongest one there is.

Fullheal when reviving. Convenient.

So yeah. A new weapon, so let's just advance. Clearly there is nothing else there but Horkos, right?

Horkos will fall! He will face York and suffer defeat.

Yes. Nothing else. I mean it has the right size for a boss battle room, right?


Well no.

Not really.


Nope. Horkos ain't there.

But at leastthere is advancement.

AND GODDAMN DARKNESS to the south. Damnit.

Darkness everywhere, but at least it's not teleporters.

Hey, it is a dapper bird! Let's talk to it!

Halphas: "'Tis meet, then. I shall judge thy worth. Pray do not bore me."

Halphas: "Thou performed most wretchedly! Such recklessness is unworthy of my brilliance. "

Hooray for Relax Spray.

Halphas: "I would have thee answer me this, as one aware of the existence of demonkind."

They certainly are not normal. Nope.

Halphas: "We are but shadows of the sons of man... 'tis our abnormality which validates our nature as shadows. "

Halphas was already pissed off once. So staying quiet might be a good idea.

Halphas: "Hrm... 'Tis meet then. Verily thou has entertained me. I shall heal thy fatigue. Do not fall until thou hast done what thy must."

Fullheal! That's rather nice.

And a goddamn one-side door.

Finally, another set of sairs. Let's see what's there.

Excellent! There he is.

And there it is, a terminal. Must be close!

Time to put this dude in the shelf when convenient.


Another damnabledoor that cannot be opened. But yeah. Enough with that.

Horkos. Finally

Is that a lion there? And... A pyramid? A MAMMOTH? What the hell.
Horkos's got a lot of shit there.
A opanda bear!

Horkos:"Even beasts know their keep... You are less than they. And do not compare yourselves to we noble demons... You humans, who have forgotten your great debt to the earth, are fated to die. Devouring all your pointless goods is a sign of my love!"

Neither of the 3 responses sounds satisfying to me.

Horkos: "Humans could never choose the pain of self-sacrifice, of sublimating their urges deliberately. "

Not a bad idea.

Welp. Was worth a shot, at least.

Horkos: "To be born, then eaten. To be made, then consumed. That was the rhytm of the planet. But humans upset that rhytm and have joined the ranks of the eaten, the consumed. I, Horkos, am the proof!"

I was not aware that this game had turned into DDS.

That would be a second ship he's eaten. Pretty big mouth, I'd say.

Level 28. Thats' not too many levels over York, to be quite honest. Let's just see how this goes.

Doppelganger has a bunch of rather useful skills. Makrakarn being able to add reflecting qualities to the entire party, Charge being, well, charge, Taunt lowering defense and increasing enemy offense (more useful than it sounds!), Rakukaja increasing party defense while Rakunda lowers enemy defense, and Berserker God being quite nice for a physical skill. Not a bad set. Not all that versatile either, but not bad.

York also helps with st lowering, to offset the effects of taunting.

Pigthing has attacks that bite the party members to heal itself. It can be quite annoying.

Like that.

It is not a good idea to put Horkos at -4, though. He then casts dekunda.

Makrakarn WOULD be a damn godsend in this fight, but unfortunately, Doppelganger seems to be far too slow for it to be of any use. Shame. Wasted a whole lot of mp using it.

And/or, wore off before it could be of any use.

Horkos also does this.

Calling a pig! That is actually a good thing. A blessing in disguise.

Because while Horkos is immune to status effects...

The pig is not.
Why is that important at all? You'll see in a moment.

Because that's just me wasting mp restoratives on the Doppelganger.

Because Horkos does this. He eats his allies.

And then is inflicted with WHATEVER AILMENT that ally had. It is quite convenient to have Horkos beat the shit out of himself. Ah, just like Thor and most bosses did in SMT1.

It is not as effective when he just dekundaed himself.

More waste, but better safe than sorry.

And Horkos is quite resistant to physical attacks, unfortunately.

Very resistant, and has some nasty attacks. I think that kill there, and Power being down as well was caused by Air Dive.
Then again, York is also highly resistant due to the new armor, and the Doppelganger just laughs at it.

God damn it. Still, Horkos hits like a truck. That is a reflected Air Dive, I am sure.

And another.

Satisfying when they hit the shit out of themselves.

Nekomata's retaliation can be quite helpful as well!
Or just neat, because they are very dangerous to autobattle. Exactly for that reason.

By the way, Horkos is weak against electricity. Did not take advantage of it, but it does not matter.

Hell yes.

Horkos:"No... One day... flow... disappear..."

That is probably not safe to hold.

Excellent! About time that got acquired.

Mission complete!