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Part 59: Carina is OVER

Well that took long enough, I guess.
Let's see what is new now that we've killed Horkos.

Arthur: "This concludes the mission. Mission "Carina's Rosetta" is confirmed complete."

Excellent. Another sector complete. Access to the next is granted.

Arthur: "As I mentioned during our correspondence with the Joint Project... Our main objective is to pinpoint our space-time coordinates. Please remember that. "

"I wonder if it will be as simple in this new sector. Alas, our scant data so far makes it difficult to verify a refion through which we can escape. Let us hope we will learn something in the fourth sector. We should soon find an escape method as well as a location to escape from."

New technobabble jargon? Or was it already said before? Doesn't matter.

Arthur: "We will need your help in this, First Lieutenant Zelenin, as well as the Joint Project's help. I look forward to the result of your work, First Lieutenant Zelenin. Thanks to the supply and comms teams, we expect to be able to contact the Joint Project again. Our course of action will become clear then. Please rest until we launch for the new sector..."

okay then. Time to see the mess hall thing again. Or something.

"There's no one on the crew by that name... Started seein' things, eh? Wait...! Could it have been a demon!? Nah. Other people would've seen it then, and it would've left some kind of trace behind. "

Bugaboo is alive again! Hooray. Jimenez should be happy because of that.

And he is even learning to talk!

"Man, I can't believe he's back! Irving was really surprised that we managed to revive him, too! And I was wondering how much longer he'd live when I saved him at Bootes... "

Stick in the mud? Also, wasn't Bugaboo not just a demon, but something different? That is what I thought.

"And this isn'¿t the first time I've seen you do it. You don't respect authority much, do you, Jimenez?"

"Spending time together like this makes a difference when it comes time for actual combat, y'know. Besides, Bugaboo needs some rehab. He's been treated as a "thing" for all this time."

"Demons only obey humans because of the summoning program... Not because you share whatever sort of bond you're imagining. York, you really must speak up when he does this. It's all to prevent any accidents from happening. "


"I don't think that woman's ever gonna come around on the whole demon thing. Sheesh, it's not like having such a hate on for 'em will make them go away. It's too bad... "

Announcer: "Preparations to plane shift into the new sector are complete! We'll begin the plane shift as soon as we get the okay from Ops!"

"Right? Hey, Francis? "

Seems he is less desperate now. Or at least stopped freaking out about getting out. That's better.

"Ahh, I ask like we'd get a choice. They'll just take it away along with our Demonicas. We're just grunts, after all..."

And then take off. New sectors will be reached.

About time. Carina took a bunch of time.

Joint Project: "You're in, what, the fourth sector now...? We're all hoping to see an end to the investigation soon."

Arthur: "The structure of the quantum tunnel was extrapolated from the theory of the Schwarzwelt. Our data thus far has confirmed this theory."

Last time I checked there wasn't any other technobabbley thing being referenced, so yeah, I guess it can be assumed it is that. I don't see a point in re-referencing it all the time, except that that it does take quite a long time to clear Carina, I guess.

Yeah yeah go on, new plot points please.

That would probably please Jimenez. Yes.

"Bringing up environmental imagery on the main display..."

Well now.
That is certainly less pleasing than the shopping mall from hell.

It's not like it. It's it.

Was it shown by the drone photos? I remember Antlia, Bootes and Carina, but not this. Might be misremembering.

Arthur: "We have noted this tendency in the three previous sectors as well. "

Is that even what that word means? I don't know german. At all.

Arthur: "However, there is no question that it is impossible to survive in this land without the Demonica. "

Joint Project: "I don't envy you having to go around and investigate the place. "

"And I don't know about these guys, but I'm having a ball! I get a real big charge outta wondering what'll hit us next! Am I right, guys?"

"They honestly are sorry to have to send us here. There's no need to antagonize them like that. Mmm... Thinking about it, though, each sector so far has given the impression of humanity's dark side. Am I alone in sensing some sort of will at work here?"

No shit.

Aw, the radio is dying.

"Sorry, IF we make it back."

Arthur: "The first order of business is to designate this sector. This will be sector D, code named Delphinus."

Not even needing me to put a wikipedia link! But here it anyways.

Arthur: "We will proceed with our analysis of the Schwarzwelt's structure using the equipment on this ship. However, we must still investigate the sector to locate the Rosetta and quantum tunnel. Monitor team... Please proceed to Delphinus and begin your search for the quantum tunnel's location."

Arthur: "You are tasked with searching for the Rosetta. Prior events suggest that this sector's Rosetta is also in the form of a demon. Please stay alert during your search of the sector."

That is rather nice, I'd say. HUD improvements are always welcome.

Arthur: "Use it well in your search for the Rosetta."

Well, it is a humorless machine, I think.

Besides "kill the shit out of it"? Eh.

Hopefully it'll take less time than the previous area.

Hm? Wolf hurt himself again?

Wait. What?

Well, that sounds weird.