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Part 61: Trash place.

Yeal. Let's get Pabilsag.

Weak against electricity, but strong against wind, eh?

"I am Holy Pabilsag. Pleased to make your acquaintance."
Not much information about Pabilsag available on wiki, it seems.

Sheesh, the lowest level fusion we can get from Pabilsag is level 29. It's gonna take a while until the others can be seen.

Doppelganger and DOCTOR BIRD will make a good rainbow snake.

This took like 20 rerolls to get. It keep getting maragi AND Agi. That would've been redundant, since I don't think there are any of those annoying groups that null or get healed while there is one that IS weak against fire. Eh. Doesn't matter anyways, it wouldn't be significant since it is Agi, not agilao or anything silly like that.
And now I forget what was the prefix and suffix for the secret boss of Devil Survivor's skill were. Bah.

Yeah, he is using the dumb animal personality type.

Yeah. Whatever.

Wikipedia says different things. Yes. Different indeed.

Ugh. Bad , unable to get the damned hidden doors open.


The same on this side.Goddamnit.

Inbetween them both is a ladder to the second floor.

So yeah, before exploring that, let's check out the achievements so far achieved.

Isn't that what a character called another in ff8?

Hawkeye: 100 FORMA.
Challenger: 10 demons found with enemy search.

Goddamnit. I hate that.

Traversed Carina 1F

So, that means more extortion. Okay.

One tenth of the optional things done.

Sword Store: 10% sword developement.
Accessory Store: 10% accessory developement.



No shit.

Treasure nearby.

And then that after a boring long corridor. Empty corridor, at that

Orias is definitely friendlier than he was when he fought Gore. Level 27 and all.

Afterwards, getting Doppelganger back is a good idea. He's gonna work well for a good while, even with the weakness against both expel and mudo.

Really, this place. It is dull.

Churels seem to have their legs attached the wrong way. Or maybe it's their torso that's attached the wrong way.

But in any case, the pabisag has a bunch of silly physical skills. Hm. Lost the stone/petrification cure. Oh well.

Strike Team: "What happened to him? He's been acting up ever since we got to this sector. It's not like him at all to talk that way..."


So yeah can't do more things in the first floor. Maybe there's something interesting in the second floor.

Well, there is this!

Oh. Damn.

"I ran into trouble during my observation mission. It's demons... They haven't attacked yet, but I can't abandon my equipment."

Well yeah why not. I mean it's not like at the moment there is anything else to be done AT THE MOMENT.

"I'll explain the situation once you get here."

That doesn't seem too far away.

Kind of pushy. Eh.

Yeah. That ain't too far away. And that? That is not poison floor, by the way.

Yeah that should be like two corridors away. Let's see what this leads to.

Oh, automatic floor! Neat!

No, wait, not neat. Goddamn annoying. IT SLIDES SLOW. Agh.

That door kind of looks like two skeleton hands. Or something.

Also, a corpse. That dude didn't last long did he?

Let's see what he says.

Message"My observations so far follow: Sector Delphinus looks like an open-area filled entirely with waste. Huge structures made of waste line the sector. It's like a city of the dead, where all life has encded..."

Not particularly enlightening, but it works, I guess.

Baphomet was a dick and refused to join when negotiating. Asshole.

This is going to be a pain in the ass, isn't it?