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Part 62: Conveyance

Well that was kind of aggravating.

Strike Team: "Damnit, this floor pisses me off! Where is this thing taking me!? I'm not trash!"

Dunno, that is more or less my reaction to this goddamn area as well. Except for the "I am not trash" thing, since that thought never came to begin with.

Since other roads were useless this ought to work, right? Right!?

This DOES look promising!

Oh motherfuck.

God damn it. Why.

A fucking hole in the ground. Delphinus.

That means that on the next level pabilsag will net a source. That is nice. Hopefully it will have good skills.

Said level is fairly close!

This should work. Every other route has been taken. This must work.

Well, at least that conveyor did not lead to annoying and time consuming holes.

But that path did.


This might be a better route. If not, well, I tried.

Farther and farther away from the target. Damnit.

But at least that caused Pabilsag to acquire enough xp to level up and provide a Source.

Afterwards, a silly Ice spirit joined the party by itself

New minions are always appreciated.

Secret doors and even more damn conveyors.

It seems that it is the right path after all! Getting closer! And that silly shortcut is still useless because there is no new unlocker yet.

The stairs are right here, as well.

And a Terminal. There must be something important nearby!

And here it is. Took a while, but the room that Zelenin indicated is right there.

"I was setting up the quantum tunnel detector when demon suddenly appeared. They're over there... Can you see them?"

A silly Nue.

And a ghoul! THAT should not be too problematic.

"They came at the worst possible time... How annoying. I have what the angel Mastema gave me for protection, but... It won't be enough to take them all out."

Well it PROBABLY would if Zelenin was grinding and acquiring new minions, but nooooooo she cannot do that. Nope.

"But all he said was, "Handle it yourself! Why don't you call your goddamn angels!?" He sounded rather vehement. I don't know why he's so upset. "

"You, on the other hand, never seem fazed by anything. You'r a model crewman... No, really, I mean it. Do, do you think you can handle it?"

The latter would probably be a better idea, but hey, already enough time was wasted REACHING the place, so eh, let's just go forward.

Screw you, demons.

Two Nues and two ghouls. Nues are weak against guns, and ghouls are rather dry, so fire makes them crispy and redead.

Of course, I was an idiot and brought LOW HP things. Oh well.

And then the assholes decide to enhance the danger by reducing the defense! It's not like Doppelganger can't take hits, but it is still rather dangerous and reckless.

It would be a -4 in ONE ROUND if not for a +1 defense that Doppelganger provided with rakukaja.

And then pabilsag gets itself killed. Just like that. Well, what better excuse to try one of these?

I must say, it provides the advertised effect and is rather effective!

God damn Nue, take bullets. Randy bullets early in the fight might have been useful.

Aw, he won't be useful for too long now. Or will he? Dunno. Will have to check what fusion can make.

"Now I can resume my observation duties. Thank you. Oh yes... You haven't picked up the Rosetta signal yet, have you? "

"I don't understand. The Demonica's Rosetta search has been upgraded, but we still can't find it. I have an idea, though. Could you help me?"

As long as it has less holes AND conveyor belts it can't hurt, can it?

Hopefully that won't take long.

See? iT DIDN'T.

Yes. That would be good.