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Part 63: Triangulation

Conveyor belts are always annoying in mazes. They are not the worst gimmick, but it is always annoying. Fortunately for me, since this is emulated, I can just use the speed-up/frameskip option, it goes by fast.
Unfortunately, later gimmicks cannot be alleviated that way.

Not much to say about this. Silly loop leading to a bit of treasure.

Not much point in falling to the previous floor. Nope.

So yeah, getting up. That is what one must do.

Let's see what this silly password thing does! Hopefully it will do something good.

It is an adorable moth man! How nice. Let's see what can we do with it.

Tree ladies, monkeytigetsnake or whatever things, poison birds, basilisnks and flatwolves! And Pellaidh. I don't remember what a pellaidh even is.

So let's go with Tree Lady.

Tree lady is weak against Fire, so let's fix that.

Yeah this doesn't seem too bad. Losing Tarukaja is not all that good, but hehy, I did not feel like rerolling a bazillion times.

Skogsgra: "I'm wood Skogsra. Cool to meet you."

Skogsra can eventually turn into HEL. That-s pretty cool.

And also this thing. They turn into another thing.

Into this goddamn creepy thing. Because that is what it is. A thing.

A hollow thing.

Yeeeeah. That is quite creepy isn't it? In any case, let's advance.
To the third floor! Maybe Zelenin will have something interesting to say!

"Since we haven't been able to catch the Rosetta's signal so far, I'll try amplifying the detection. Right now, your Demonica is searching for the Rosetta from a single point. But from two points, we can triangulate, which should give us much better results. I'l connect my Demonica to yours and form a powerful antenna. Don't worry if you don't understand the process. It's not hard, just follow my directions. The left and right sides of this area are big enough to try it, so let's go inside."

Any side is fine, so let's pick this one.

"I'll call you when you reach your mark."

Okay, left side here, this should not take long.

Uh.But... Oh goddamnit.

But this is the left side!

Well this one should be adequate then, since the other side was already taken by Zelenin. Oh well.

"First, let's make sure the automap sensor is active... All right, that checks out. Next can you up the radio output while maintaining your connection with me? "

I'll enter the magnetic field data into my mapping sensor. And here we go... There'll be a short hiccup in communications.

A while later.

"How do the results look? "

So, did it work?

Oh well.

"I thought it might work, but... I guess it's back to the drawing board for us. Sorry I couldn't be of more use, York. Looks like it'll be up to the strike team's hard work to find it. At this point, I wouldn't even mind if Jimenez got results."

"I also want to talk about our next move, so let's meet by the stairs we just came up from."

Back to the center then.

"Is there no chief demon in this sector? I suppose it's possible... We don't really know much about this world."

Could be, but so far in the 3 previous areas there's been a big boss.

"It's a forma I found while collecting samples. Strange, isn't it? I think the strike team would get more use of it than me."

How convenient! This is likely the thing needed to explore more of this damned area! I mean it's not like the thing that was required to open the sealed doors that cannot be opened with the current apps.

Yes. That.

Something happened? Maybe?

Oh. Jimenez is there. I guess.

It is pretty distinctive, isn't it?

Bugaboo doesn't have much of a vocabulary, does it?

Well conveniently, bugaboo is automagically followed by both York and Zelenin.


Well that is his out-of-base sprite isn't it? So yeah.

Oh no, he became... Uh... Goddamn. I forget what character doe that.

"I won't let you! I'll kill you first! Gahh!? WAAAAAAHHHH...!"

For some reason I did not capture something silly. Jimenez is ACTUALLY in battle. And he is level one. What?